State Specific Laws?

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State Specific Laws?

Anyone know a good way to find out state specific laws for newborn testing? My friend was telling me that in Texas the erythromycin for baby's eyes is a law requirement and they also do an in hospital hearing test so now I want to know what they require here but I'm not having much luck finding what I want when I search on google. Maybe I just don't know the right words to search?

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I am not sure how to search but maybe you could call the hospital and ask them what tests they are required to perform and which ones are optional.

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Yup! I would call the hospital where you will be delivering!

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"Texas newborn testing" got the state health department's website with some info:

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Also in TX. I didn't do the eye drops, the HepB, or the Vitamin K for DS1, if I remember correctly, but did do the heel stick. I believe they have to offer, but you don't have to accept. Ask your care provider about what's routine after birth; the pros/cons/reasons for each test/injection/whatever, and waivers to sign for the ones you don't need, and you should be fine.

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This is under the FAQs on that page that Sheila posted:

Question: Can parents opt out of having their newborn screened?
Answer: Yes. A parent can refuse the screen for valid religious reasons only (Texas Health & Safety Code Sec. 33.012)
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Becca, I agree that you should just check with the hospital (you're delivering there on base, right?) just to be sure, as they'll know all of the laws and guide you in the right direction. Just curious, are you not wanting any of those things? I know at St. Rose (where I had all three of mine and am having this one, too) they didn't ask me if I wanted these things done, they just did them (although I swear none of them ever had the eye ointment)... and the heel stick was done about 6 or 7 days after birth, I had to take them back to the hospital to have it done.