stupid question... kick counts: appt update

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stupid question... kick counts: appt update

I never have actually done kick counts. I always figured if something changed I would notice and take interest then. So I'm just not feeling the little guy that much. How do you do kick counts? Is it 10 movements an hour? I have an appt this morning so that's good!

Just got back from my 39 week appt. I was able to get in with a midwife. I was not smart about booking my appts in advance, last week and next week I have to see an ob because all 6 midwives are completely booked. That sorta sucks, I don't want to see an ob, especially if I'm past due next week. Hopefully he gets here!

No change except he dropped. She said he's very well engaged in my pelvis, last week he was still floating. She suggested nipple stimulation in between contractions next time I get a bout of them. I may or may not do that. I can take pain... But not when its self inflicted! and she said by hand is better than a pump.... So I think I will skip that!

She wasn't worried about his less movement. He is still hiccupping. She said he is just very low in my pelvis and running out of room.

All is well. Hopefully he comes before my next appt. I really don't wanna argue with an ob about inductions or sent for monitoring. The same thing happened with Luke. I had to see an ob for my 40 week check. I wanted to yell 'I'm not your patient!! I belong to the midwives!!" Lol

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Yep 10 in an hour. It's best to wait until after you eat or during a normal active time.

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Let us know how your appt goes!!!

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Hope your appt goes well! And my midwives want to see just six in two hours.

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My OB said 5 in an hour. Be sure to update!!!!

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PPs already gave info. Good luck today Carolyn. KUP!!

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I don't think I'm up for the nipple stimulation either. They hurt too bad as it is.

I hope you go into labor soon on your own!

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Ugh, the appt itself sounds like it went great, but the progress stalling has got to be so frustrating. There's nothing else you can do except self inflicted torture?

Sorry about the ob appts. Is there anyway you can just call them daily or every-other day to see if any midwives have had cancellations?

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Glad the appointment went well but what a bummer that you could only get in with the OB instead of the MW. I would call the office and let them know that if there are any cancellations then you'd like to be called. Surely they would give someone who is about to pop an appt over someone else!!

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Glad it went well! Hoping he comes before your next appt!

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Glad everything is okay!! Sorry you have to see an OB though Sad hopefully baby arrives and it won't even matter Smile