Such a pain in my....

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Such a pain in my....

Boob. ouch! :eek: I keep having a really sharp pain in my left breast right after I eat. It's almost like someone is pinching the skin and tissue and pulling it. It's to the right of my nip. and It hurts everyday everytime I eat. I looked online and found nothing. Maybe something to do with how I just stopped breastfeeding with DS?? It never hurt back then though... I have no idea. But it's always the same breast, same feeling, same place...every single day! Sad

Anybody have this? Or know anything that it might possibly be?

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I have no idea! But I just wanted to add my own boob issue. Fairly often all of the sudden both breasts will just get this really intense tingling sensation. It's so weird. Wonder if it has anything to do with milk production? Kinda strange that it occurs after you eat. It doesn't seem like there should be a correlation between eating and boob pain. But this is pregnancy and nothing makes sense.

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I have no idea, but I would guess it has to do with just weaning....hope it passes soon! Boob pain is not fun.

Jessicah, yes, I have periods of intense tingling and heaviness and then it passes.

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Sorry no advice to give... Good luck with it though! Maybe the doc would know?

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That sounds so strange...wonder if it has anything to do with milk production already. Hope you get it figured out or it goes away!