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Well I figured since I posted in Feb '14 I should probably update you all as well. Much to our suprise we got a positive pregnancy test after TTC 3rd cycle. DS was conceived via IVF so we didn't really think we had a shot at natural conception but thought we would try on our own for a year before deciding if we would pursue other options or be done at one kid. Still kind of in shock and not really sure what to do next since I am so used to having everything planned out in advance with the fertility clinic re: tests and scans. I'm sure the excitement will build up over time but as we really didn't think we could get pregnant, I get random thoughts in my head like, oh man I just bought that nice bottle of limited release wine that I won't be able to drink for several months Blum 3 Oh well...hehe. Keeping this on the down low with family right now but I needed to share somewhere or else I was worry I would blurt it out Smile

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Wow that is so exciting!! Congratulations Smile Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!

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Yay!! That is great news! Congrats!!

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Wow!!! That is awesome! Congratulations! So glad you were able to conceive natually this time around!

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