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We are going on a trip next month and will take DS swimming for first time. He likes bath time and tolerates having us pour water on his head to rinse his hair so I'm hoping he will like being in the pool and ocean with us. Anyone take your little ones swimming yet? How did it go? Any tips that helped them not be afraid of the water?

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We have taken DS swimming since he was little since we have an outdoor pool. Throughout the winter we have been taking him to the public pool and he loves it! He splashes around and wants to jump off a ledge in the water (with assistance). There are lots of toys there for the kids to play with, which helps. He was never afraid of the water though so I don't really have any tips. Maybe start in a shallow area so he can get used to the water without being completely suspended in deep water. We also have an inflatable elephant toy that DS can sit in to float around, which he liked when smaller. I think now he finds it too confining, he wants to move.

As for the ocean, we live near a very large lake and have taken DS swimming in it last summer. He didn't mind. The waves scared him a little at first, but now he loves them. They are really small waves compared to the ocean though, I think if the waves are big they might scare him. Now he loves the lake and tries to run in everytime we go to the beach (even now in the winter which can be an issue).

Sounds like fun - I bet your DS will have a great time!

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Fun! I think just make it not a big deal and he'll be OK. We took ours swimming twice last week (in pools). We hadn't been swimming at all in a few months, but last summer we were going 5 times a week. They get cold pretty easily so we try to watch for that. We have taken the babes to the beach and my girl loves the sand and putting her toes in the freeeeeeeeezing water but I can't even put my big guy down on a towel and most definitely not on sand, we have to hold him the whole time or he freaks out.

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We LOVE swimming!! We go to the pool a lot and E has fun splashing and wading in the tot pool, and also being carried around with us or riding in a little foam raft in the deeper water. She is a fish for sure. In the bath she is always on her belly, sometimes putting her face or ear in a bit, and is pretty fearless. In the shower she likes water on her head and in her face!! Haha! As a kid that would have freaked me RIGHT out. She actually has a cup that she likes me to use to pour water down her head and face all the time. I can't believe it.

I guess for not being afraid we have just always made it fun and been lighthearted, and never ever push her if she seems hesitant or unsure. I bet he will have a great time!!