Swing question?

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Swing question?

I can't remember, so please pardon this stupid question! LOL!

How old is the kid when you start using the swing? Immediately? We have one of thoe lie-down ones.....

Sorry- having a pregnacy brain day!:rolleyes:

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We used ours immediately! My babies have loved swings!

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We also used ours immediately!

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I got a cradle swing this time... planning to use it right away!

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I think we started using ours around 4-6 weeks. Our is a "back and forth" not a cradle or side to side swing, so he needed some head control before we could actually turn it on. Prior to that we would let him sleep in it Smile

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I think I did it pretty soon....Even if I didn't turn it on and just pushed it myself. I really can't remember.

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When I had one, we used it right away. I didn't get one for the past two babies because they don't fit in them after the first two or three months!

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i like to use it immediately. Its kind of a safe place for the baby away from the running kids that throw things and such. Lol Plus it reclines a lot. I dont think i make it swing unless baby is fussy. I really dont want baby to rely on rocking and swinging as a way to get to sleep.