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My Dr. will be giving me a booster next visit. Anyone else?

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What is a tdap? I thought you weren't supposed to get any type of shots like that during a pregnancy? I know when I was pregant with my first I wasn't immune to measels, so I had to be careful and wait until I gave birth to get the shot for it.

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tdap is tetanus plus diptheria and pertussis (whooping cough). Pertussis is making a HUGE comeback lately and can be fatal to infants who haven't completed their immunizations. Most adults aren't up to date on tetanus so they throw the pertussis vaccine in there to catch them up on both.

I had one right after Luke was born... but I was up to date anyway. I had forgotten that I had just gotten it a year or two before lol.

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Not to change the subject of this thread, but that adult pertussis vaccine commercial makes me want to pull my hair out lol! I either mute it or change the channel when it comes on!!

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I got my booster in the hospital after Eli was born. So I'm all good got my flu shot too last dr appt

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I had my TDAP a couple of years ago and I just got this year's flu shot last week. My boyfriend got both shots a couple of weeks ago and is bringing his parents for theirs next weekend.

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"joyjim" wrote:

My Dr. will be giving me a booster next visit. Anyone else?

I can't look this up because I'm not at work and only have my phone right now but I suggest you do some internet searching. I got my Tdap but during 1st trimester because my OB said you can only get it during 1st trimester. I didn't think then to double check that and they gave it to me right then so it wouldn't have mattered but I think maybe you should check. Most of the time you can find out online just go with a trusted site, might even be on here somewhere.

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I try to avoid as many vaccinations as possible during pregnancy so I will only be getting the flu shot (soon I'm sure). I need to have a tetanus booster- I will ask for it at the hospital! DH got the booster after Nicholas was born but I chickened out.

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We had a co-worker with a suspected case of whooping cough late last year so all employees and patients were vaccinated. A friend of mine was pregnant at the time (at least 2nd or 3rd trimester) and she was advised by her doctor to get the vaccine.

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None of this has been mentioned to me by my midwife. I plan to get the flu shot for me and the nasal spray for DS come October, when they recommend you get them here.

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hmmmm. This has never even come up at any of my doctor visits???? I think I'll get the flu shot, I do every year.