Team Green anyone?

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Team Green anyone?

We haven't discussed this in a while (and I'm too lazy to look at the gender sticky lol) so I was just wondering who here is still Team Green? What was your decision to not find out based on? The only one I can remember is Amanda because she reminds me of myself... all boys and wanting that princess lol!

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There are 4 ladies, although I couldn't name them all off the top of my head. I admire them for going team green! I couldn't do it unless they made me... and I would be sooooo unhappy. As it is I sort of flipped out on DH bc he is still wavering on the name and it is driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

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We're team green. Biggrin We prefer it that way. I know we're in the minority so I hope no one takes offense to this, but I personally find it sort of anti-climactic when people share the gender, and name, and sometimes even the birthdate before the baby is born. I guess we prefer to have one big announcement, and for it to be when we are actually holding a baby in our arms.

Plus, I have heard far too many stories about u/s guesses being wrong (even after 2 or 3 different u/s saying the same thing). For me, THAT would be stressful - to be all prepared and expecting one gender, but then surprise, it's the other. That would bother me WAY more than not knowing ahead of time.

I know people say "Well I'm a planner, so I have to know". Well, I'm a planner too. To the core. What expectant mom isn't?? You don't need to know the baby's sex to plan for their arrival. You just need to be open to gender-neutral stuff instead of just pink or blue. Wink

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I love the extra surprise at delivery. I founding with my first son. I was really tempted to find out this time b/c of planning aspect and such but I can decorate and shop after baby gets here, if needed. Now that we are nearing the end I am less tempted to find out.

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We are team green too! It has hampered shopping a little bit because so many things are gender specific, but I am glad we waited. I can't wait to hear "it's a...". It makes me focus less on the scary part and more on the happy surprise part that follows the scary part Biggrin

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I admire you girls so much!! I really wish DH would have let this one be a surprise, but he insisted knowing, and i knew there was no way for him to know and not me... so I gave in. I can't wait to hear about your"surprise babies!!!"

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I agree that it's awesome that you are waiting for the surprise. For me it's not about planning, it's because I am impatient...and super excited I guess, though I like your point about the nice surprise at the end of the scary part. I also completely relate to how hard it is to find gender neutral stuff. We are trying to buy mostly gender neutral items and it's very difficult. We also decided to do the baby's room in yellow and blue. It's really hard to find girly touches that aren't pink or purple. And I definitely agree with the argument about how difficult it would be to prepare for one gender and then find out the u/s was wrong. Still, my curiosity got the best of me!! Smile