Are they still moving around in there

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Are they still moving around in there

Some days I feel him under my ribs, some days he is at my cervix. today my belly is all hard at the top and it feels empty at the bottom. What is that? Also today my lower back is hurting today. UGH! And I have stabbing pain at my cervix. It almost makes me yell when it happens. I am worried he may have turned transverse? Is that possible?

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I think it's still possible for them to turn at this stage. Today I felt and saw one large bump on the left of my belly button and another large lump on the right. I was thinking to myself I hope that's not his shoulders on one side and his butt on the other cause if it is then he's turned transverse! I've noticed getting more pain in lower back whereas it was shooting down my legs. It's crazy how different things are each day!

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It is possible for them to turn up until 37 weeks, but there's no way to tell for sure without an exam or an U/S. I feel the same way you do a lot of days, and feel him all over the place in weird places... but he's been head down since 30 weeks and stayed that way.

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Oh yeah, mine didn't stop flipping around until about 33/34 weeks (and at that point I had 9 or 10 lbs of baby) so I would think it's definitely possible he's doing somersaults!

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Well, every time I go in he is head down, which makes me feel crazy!!!

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I can't BELIEVE how much baby is moving around in there. She is squirmy, stretchy, kicking, punching, shaking her head, etc etc etc. sometimes I feel like she could be slightly transverse, but she's always firmly head down at my appointments. I get the stabbing pain through my cervix too, and it is usually accompanied by pressure, I think it's her head pushing down. So maybe yours is actually head down too when you feel that!

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My belly looks lopsided and I feel kicks/punches everywhere too. I think the shape is due to stretching of legs/arms and rolling of the butt but I would imagine the head stays kinda in the same place most of the time (with some extra grinding just to make mommy more comfy :rolleyes: )

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Mine has been head down at every appointment too, but she moves like crazy. I will feel her pushing on my cervix and kicking me in the ribs at the same time. My ribs hurt so badly right now!! She has them all sore and sensitive. Sometimes it feels like she is wedging her fingers in around my hip bones. Of course, she can be crazy moving all day and then whenever I go in for an NST, she decides to take a nap. The last time I had one, I had to sit there for an hour and a half because she wouldn't cooperate. I wanted to claw that monitor off my belly by the time we were done, it was so irritating!

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Movin' like a disco dancer! Maybe I'll just name her Disco! LOL! I do think she has/is turned because her one foot is in a spot I have not felt/ seen it before.

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Same as all of you - tons of movements and its hard to tell what position she is in. Sometimes it seems like she is balled up in a huge knot on the right side of my belly and no where else.

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I am about 90% sure that Boots is head down & staying that way.... She was down at my last appt & I think Sunday night I experienced lightening. She feels lower, I am pretty sure I peed more yesterday than any other day so far & the gap b/t my boobs & belly is larger.

But even though she is down it seems like she has also moved more in the last 2 days than previously. Oh, & I think she is going to be one of those that needs her nails trimmed when born...I swear she is tearing up my uterus. She's like a feisty rodent. =/