today was the day...

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today was the day...

We FINALLY started operation nursery! I have less than 4-weeks until d-day!
Actually, the only thing we have done is the cable guy came today to move our internet downstairs. We have the computer out of the office/guest room and cleaned out the closet. Now to have MIL come over and paint DS's new room (he wants Superman!) so we can move him out of the nursery. Then MIL comes back to paint the nursery (she's an artist and does this for a living). THEN we can put the nursery together......

My house is an absolute pit right now because of all the cleaning out we are doing. I guess it gets worse before it gets better.

How's everyone else's progress?

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Sounds exciting- you will have to post some pics once you are done.

We havn't started and most likely won't until after baby arrives. We have to build another room - so that will be our winter project. I wish I could get started though!

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That's very exciting!!

Our nursery is finished. We also had to move our son out of the nursery, so we did that in August (his room is general car/transportation themed), and painted the nursery in September or so?? We are ready to go! I just need to wash the sheets/blankets, and pack my hospital bag.

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How exciting! I can't wait to see pics when you're done! Trystan's nursery has been done for about a month now. I knew that if I didn't do it then I never would get to it, especially since I feel as big as a house now lol!

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Tomorrow is the day! Now that we have all the stuff from the baby shower, I can pick up the last of what we need from babies R us tomorrow and then I can properly organize. Big day for DH though! He has to steam clean the carpet and wash the walls, then build the crib and dresser, mount the shelves, hang the art prints, stick on the wall decals, and put up the blinds Smile lol! I will help as much as I can of course...I am going to be sorting and organizing all her stuff and that will be a job in itself.

I feel like we have so much stuff and I'm off to buy more :eek: lol, I know I'm going overboard but I can't stop myself ROFL

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My mom has been working on painting the nursery while I've been away on vacation. Next weekend, we'll have my shower, so hopefully by then I will have everything I need to set up and get ready for baby.

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I think ours is finally just about ready...the curtains are the only thing left to do. I'm sure once the baby is here and I'm actually using everything, I'll go back and change it all around.

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I really need to do that! Our "nursery" is still my oldest son/guest room. Since I just realized how soon I am having this baby, I guess I need to get to work. Smile

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I want to see the Superman room when its done. My DS would love that.

Maybe we should have a nursery picture thread?!

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Yay for starting! Ours is done minus getting the crib mattress raised and bedding in the crib and then I want to put a few more decorations on the wall. I'll wait until all that is done before we get some pictures.

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Wow, I gotta see the superman room when it is done too! What a great idea!

The nursery is pretty much done. Just a few final touches are needed here and there... yet my house is still a total mess haha.