Today's appointment

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Today's appointment

The dr. was very preoccupied, busy with his iphone, annoying. But anyway, I am GBS positive and 1 cm dilated. I have been contracting like crazy since the exam. Like every 10ish minutes. I just got home and I will be laying down to see if they go away.

Oh, and he did an ultrasound to see if the baby is head down, and he is...but he told me that last week?!?!?! Weird, huh?

I'm pretty sure when he checked me he used his whole arm and not two fingers.

Sooo that is my update. Nothing exciting.

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I know! Those cervix checks freakin' suck!!

If mine were still flipping at 33 weeks, I think it's entirely reasonable for a single baby to flip at 36 weeks, right? So that's probably why they check the baby's position again.

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Sorry the doctor was so inattentive. That would tick me off. At least you know you are dilated some. That's progress!

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Oh that always makes me mad when the docs seem rushed and preoccupied. Even some of the MW do it too but it seems theyre more in a hurry Lol

Cervix checks suck when they have to go way up there. Yay for head down!!

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His iPhone, seriously?! I think one time my OB checked his phone but told me as he was pulling it out that he was expecting a text from his nurse. When he checked it he said "no, that wasn't her, it was so and so about such and such" Like he even needed to explain. I'd be annoyed if I was you.

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I did look at the phone while he was looking at it and saw it was another Dr. in the practice, but really it could not wait 5 minutes? He even put him on hold while he was answering my questions.....very annoying.

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At least you got another peek at the baby! And the arm thing... this is why I hate man doctors lol! That would totally creep me out!! The phone thing as well... totally rude. The only annoying thing my OB does is chew her gum like a cow lol... every appt!!

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Being on the phone when one is trying to conduct any kind of business is rude! Especially when you get barely enough time as it is with the doctor. Wouldn't it be funny if you did the same thing to him next visit and see how he reacts.

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On that is so rude he was on his phone and didn't give you his full attention!! Sorry to hear that Sad