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Today's Appt

Went well. Heart rate was 150 and uterus measured as it should. I am up 4 lbs which I knew was going to happen. The past two months have been killer on me. That puts me up 11 lbs total this pregnancy (9 lbs in the past 8 weeks!!). Scheduled my Rhogam shot and GTT for next week. He also said that in 5 weeks I get to go in for another ultrasound just to check in and see how Ryan is doing Biggrin I am super excited about that. I can't wait to see our little guy and see how much he's grown and if he is head down or not. I start my two week appointment now so it's all downhill from here. Our babies will be here before we know it!

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Sounds like everything's going great!

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Sounds great! Good luck with your GTT and shot next week! So lucky to get another US. Smile

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Sounds like a great appt. And I have to say, because I always do, I'm envious of you only gaining 11 lbs.

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sounds great Jessicah!

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Congrats & SCORE on the extra u/s Jessicah!!

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Sounds like a great appointment....jealous that you get to have another u/s!!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Good luck with the GTT- do you have to do the 1 hr or 3 hour?

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Congrats on a great appointment!! Lucky on the extra u/s Smile

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"JuneorJulyBaby?" wrote:

Sounds like a great appointment! Good luck with the GTT- do you have to do the 1 hr or 3 hour?

I just have to do the one hour. I swear if I fail and I am going to beg and plead to not make me do the 3 hour and just consider me a diabetic. Drinking that stuff three times in one pregnancy is too

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Sounds identical to my last appt! So glad you get to see your baby again. I'm jealous!

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Congrats on a good appt- I would love to have your 11 lbs and not the 36lbs i have gained lol

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Congrats on a great appt!