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Today's Appt

Was the normal in and out. Ryan's heart rate was 152 and I am up 3 lbs from two weeks ago! UGH. That puts me at 15 lbs for this pregnancy thus far. It was during the last 10 weeks with Brynna that I put on the most weight so I was expecting this. Scheduled an ultrasound for November 8th to check and see how big our little guy is and to see how he's doing in there. I am super excited to get to see him again. Then my next appointment is on the 14th when I am 34 weeks. We talked about the increasing activity of the BH and he told me to keep an eye on them and if they became painful to call. Of course he told me things that can trigger them and to keep myself hydrated and rest as necessary to get them to stop. He said that if need be he would put me off work early but that really isn't an option for me and I hope that doesn't happen. I have a limited amount of time with Ryan and I don't want to "waste" them when I am still pregnant with him. But I also know that I will do what it takes to keep him in there until it's safe for him to come out.

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sounds like a good appt Smile I hope your BH"s settling down... so annoying aren't they??? and psshh 15 pounds is a drop in the bucket. You're doing great!!

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15 lbs! I have been happy I have not gained anything in two weeks. Putting me at 36 lbs!!!!

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15 lbs is nothing girl. I don't know why you are stressing! I would be proud of putting it on at the end bc then you know it really is ALL baby.

Wow, last appt. I told my MW I had painful BH and she didn't say anything. But I wouldn't want to go on ML before the baby either, so I probably would just limit my activity.

Glad for a good appt and I'm jealous of all your U/S's!

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"joyjim" wrote:

15 lbs! I have been happy I have not gained anything in two weeks. Putting me at 36 lbs!!!!

I gained 9 and then 6...YIKES! I'm up about this much too.....I would pee my pants if I was only up 15, and I mean that in a good way.

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Glad everything was good, and yes, 15 lbs sounds great to me!! Smile

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Glad your appointment went well!! I hope you don't have to go early. And 15 lbs sounds amazing. I'm sure I've gained way more than that, lol! :rolleyes:

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Glad you had a good appointment! Hopefully you don't have to leave work early. I'm in the same situation but just trying to really up the water when I'm there. They told me to rest more at work but from reading your posts your work is like mine and that isn't really much of an option some days. Hopefully we both make it without having to leave work before baby arrives. Smile

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Sounds like a great appt! After your next appt areyou going weekly?

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Glad you had a good appointment!

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Sounds like a great appt- I would take your 15 lbs gained over my 45lbs anyday!
Good luck with the u/s! I hope to go for another one to get another sneek peak!

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Congrats on a good appt Jessicah!!