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Will you guys be traveling with your babies this year?

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Nope. We have no reason to though as both of our families are live right here within 15 miles of us.

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We will likely drive to Arizona since we have family there...but not for a while. We also drive to the San Diego area a lot...which is 2-3 hours away from us. We always have a possibility of going to New Orleans, too. But nothing is planned.

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Nope. We always visit family in SC for Christmas but not this year. We went when dd was 6 weeks old and it was miserable, stopping to nurse her so often. We won't be doing it with a 3-ish week old baby.

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no. My side of the family is 3-hours and a snowy mountain pass away. I have to give back my Jeep (our only 4-wheel drive vehicle) to my work while I'm on leave. Our other car is not safe in the snow! They will have to come see us if they want to Smile

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No. The furthest we'll be traveling is 30 miles for Christmas.

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I may be slightly insane, but we are travelling after Christmas and over New Years. Baby will be around 6 weeks old?

We are driving 6 hours to Manitoba to visit family after Christmas. Then we are driving another 7 hours to Minneapolis to catch a flight to Phoenix! We'll be in Phoenix for 5 days after New Years (my IL's own property down there). Then we fly back to Minneapolis, drive 7 hours back to Manitoba, then the 6 hours back home. Over a couple days of course Wink

I will probably want to kill myself :eek: but we should have a fun time. We had some travel vouchers on United Airlines that we had to use up.

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No way. Our families can come to us.

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My sister is flying in to see us for Christmas, the farthest we are traveling is to dh family which is an hour away.

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No traveling here. DH's family is local and my mom is making the 2 hour drive here to see us.

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Not going anywhere this year- most of our family is close and baby is coming around Christmas or just after. But at the end of feb we have a friend getting married in a tropical destination. My dh has gone to school with him since they were 6- so we may be going on that- baby would be about 8 weeks. We will see what we decide.

When I had DS (c-section) we drove 10 hrs to my uncles wedding he was 3 weeks old- it went really well. so I guess it all depends on how the healing process is for each person and how ready they are to travel.

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Okay, I VERY much misunderstood this question. I thought you meant the baby's first year. Bot before the end of 2011. We will NOT be traveling before the end of 2011. No way! People can come see us. Maybe by May we will travel.

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The farthest we will travel is about an hour away to visit my family for Christmas. Next year though we may end up going to Florida or Georgia to visit DH's family for the holidays.

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Hard to say. With an EDD of the 25th or 26th, there's not a whole lot of post-baby traveling to be done this year. Blum 3 We usually do New Year's about 2.5 hrs away with friends... we might do it; we might not. If the baby decides to stick around for 6 days longer, like DS1 did, definitely no traveling. On the other hand, the birth center is a good 80 miles away, so I think our return trip would count as "travel" as well.

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Nope! Most of our family is local, anyway.

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Nope, my due date is boxing day so we aren't going anywhere. My family will be coming here shortly after baby arrives. But we are planning a big trip overseas to visit my family next year in May.

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We aren't traveling before this year is up but in January we will be moving from Vegas to SD so you can expect to see a thread from me looking for travel advice when that gets closer. Smile

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I'm probably the most insane mother on here, but we'll be driving to Idaho about one week after baby is born. The reason is because DH hasn't seen his other two kids since April because we haven't been able to afford to go up there, and needless to say he misses them both very much (they're nine and six years old). We always go up for the week of Thanksgiving every year, but obviously couldn't this year as it's too close to my EDD. Since I can only afford to take two weeks off of work, we decided that the only thing we can do is to go up the week after I have Trystan... that way I can have my first week off at home with baby and spend my last week off with DH's family (all of his family live up there, not just his kids, as he and his ex are from the same home town) in Idaho. It's about a nine hour drive, so we're going to drive from Vegas to Salt Lake (about 5 hours) and stay overnight, that way it's easier with the baby, then drive the rest of the way the next day. I know it's crazy because he'll only be days old and it's freaking freezing there, but we have to do what's best for the entire family... and I know that DH's family will be dying to see Trystan.

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Prior to the new year just to my parents, less than 2 hours. We might go to dh's family 4.5 hours away. Our big travel is the second week of January... Moving 24 hours away to Minnesota!

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Nope. Everyone's coming here at some point in December. We won't be traveling with Emily until February for my mom's birthday. I dread that trip now and she isn't even here yet.

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As in 2011? Nope. Probably just to my mom's and back, which is a 45 min drive, if that.