triplespiral - anyone her facebook friend??

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triplespiral - anyone her facebook friend??

Is there ANYONE on here that is facebook friends with triplespiral/Shelia, or someone who has her contact information (and can send her a text or make a phone call). It's been quite awhile since her induction, and there's a lot of us who want to know if she and her twins are doing okay. Can anyone drop her line? Biggrin

ETA: Ok she posted on the 28th that she was having an induction the next day (the 29th). So it's been 4 days, or 5 when you count Saturday. I guess it's not THAT long of a time. It just feels like forever lol.

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It does feel like forever and I have been wondering about her too. Unfortunately, I don't have any of her contact info. Hoping everything's ok and that she's enjoying her little ones right now!

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I don't have her contact info Sad I think we've all been wondering about her and the babies.

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[QUOTE=_Jessicah_;8811601I think we've all been wondering about her and the babies.[/QUOTE]

Ditto! Hoping she is too happy and busy to swing by!

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Im with you girls, wondering and waiting!! I really hope everything is OK and she is just enjoying her time with her babies!!!

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I have been thinking about her so much. Hope she can check in soon. And of course I am hoping that all is great and she is just busy busy with those babies.