Trystan's 5 week appt (xp)

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Trystan's 5 week appt (xp)

Hey girls, so Trystan had his 5 week checkup yesterday, and all is well! He's now 10 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches long! Doctor said everything looks great, and he's in the 75th percentile for everything... momma's big boy! I can't believe how much he's growing. He does have little red bumps all over his face, sort of like an acne breakout, which is driving me a little nuts. The dr said to not wash his face with soap, as that might be agrevating his skin (and if he has skin like mine, it's INSANELY sensitive) and to just wipe his face with a wet washcloth. I don't see how that can keep his skin clean though, and thus wouldn't that just perpetuate the cycle of bumps? I bought him some cream by Clinique called Redness Solutions that worked really well with DD (she had the same thing) so hopefully that helps. Otherwise he's just perfect and beautiful... and I really miss him when I'm at work... STUPID JOB!!!

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I am glad to read he is growing so well! My ds1 had baby acne big time when he was this age. It's kind of normal I think. They don't really get dirty yet so I wouldn't worry about using anything but water on his face. I hope it clears up quickly.

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What a big healthy boy!

Vivi has terrible baby acne right now, too. Good to know about just using a washcloth only!

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Way to grow Trystan!

I remember Nicholas getting baby acne. It was related to all of mom's hormones finally leaving their body. It went away in a week or two so hopefully Trystans will go away soon.

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lurking. Smile is it scaly? My littlest one had what I thought was really bad baby acne but it was actually cradle cap on his face! Hydrcortisone 1% cleared it up nicely.

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Yay! Glad Trystan is growing well! Yep, our doc said Allyson would start getting the baby acne at about 1 month old and she's just starting to get it. I can't remember what we did for Austin's but I think not much of anything. It went away in a couple of weeks I think.

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Can't believe how big he is! Mayleigh has super sensitive skin too... lots of red bumps that come and go and definitely little bumps on her face. She had teh cradle cap for a bit and chronic diaper rash... I hope it gets better over time and less sensitive.

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Sounds like a great appointment! Evelyn has a lot of little pimples now too. I hate them, but I have just been using a wet washcloth to wash her face. Guess it's good to know it will clear up eventually. Her boobies are getting smaller too. Smile

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No its not scaly... just red and bumpy. He even has it on his ears and behind them. Im using that Clinique cream and its really helping a lot.

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He's growing so fast!