Trystan's new pics! (xp)

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Trystan's new pics! (xp)

We took Trystan at one week to get newborn pics like we do with all of the kids, so here's a couple of them!

Uploaded with Snapbucket (Original)" alt="" />

Uploaded with Snapbucket (Original)" alt="" />

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He's handsome!

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I love his lips!!! He is such a cutie Smile

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Great pictures! He is so cute! Smile

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Handsome boy!! I love his lips too- so beautiful!! TFS!

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aww! look at those lips and cheeks!

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So cute! I love how squishy he looks!

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He's adorable Krystal! TFS.

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Thanks girls! I'm glad you liked the pics, because I posted them on the November board as well and NO ONE said anything lol! Oh well...

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Woah! Was just browsing your space in the sticky, and was really impressed at how his 30wk pic looks compared to his newborn pic! That's pretty amazing!

And the new photos are adorable too, of course! Smile TFS!

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I know, I couldn't believe that he looked identical to his 3D U/S pics. It's silly because I know it's the same baby, but that technology really is amazing!