Two months already!

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Two months already!

Trystan is two months old today, I can't believe it! He's so big and long now, he doesn't even look like a newborn anymore! He's smiling all over the place and wanting to stay up for hours at a time, holding his head up like a big boy and everything. The time just flies by too quickly!

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I wanna keep them little forever! Were dealing with terrible colic here, easily 6 hours a day. I don't have quite the sadness I had with Luke over him growing. I want him to stop crying so much and I know the only cure is time. I do miss that fresh newborn period. Those first two weeks are the best!

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yes Sad Jonah is 2-months on Wednesday. However, he's finally gaining weight and i love those little chubby cheeks! He is still sleeping A LOT! seems like he can only stay awake an hour or so at a time and he is sleeping 8-hours at night. He eats every 3-hours at least during the day, but I thought he would be awake more by now?

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Amy, I wish Trystan slept like that! He does good at night, he sleeps in 3-4 hour periods before waking to BF. During the day he's up for long periods, between 2-3 hours just hanging out... he might catch a cat nap for ten or fifteen minutes in between, but nothing big. He usually takes one big nap during the day 3-4 hours, like at night, then follows the same routine. It's OK though, I love it when he's awake and smiling at me!

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Awww!! Smile I can't believe how fast our LO's are growing. Two!

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Wow time flies!! I too am partially sad they grow so quick and partially looking forward for the crankiness to pass... Ryan no longer fits into his cutest newborn sized sleeper Sad

Eta: I wish Ryan would sleep 8 hrs in a row... The longest he's gone is 4 hrs and that was an exception.

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Happy 2 months!

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Yes, can't believe how the time has flown by. Evelyn has grown out of her newborn clothes and is starting to get little rolls and chubby cheeks. She has the most messed up routine though. Some days she will sleep ALL. DAY. LONG. Other days, she will be awake most of the day except for her morning nap...and she's still keeping me up until at least 11:00 at night. I really need to change that before I go back to work!