U/s & 36+4 appt

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U/s & 36+4 appt

U/s was quick just to grab measurement position and AFI. Fluid was 23 but she said that was fine. Baby is measuring large. Head is 9.9cm! They estimate baby to be 7lbs14oz. I would think its a little off based on my feelings. I think more at the 7 lb mark right now. Didn't see any boy parts when she went to measure the thigh bone. But I wouldnt be surprised if this ones a boy.

Then appt was good BP great 120/62. Measuring right on with the tape. But baby's head is really low. Cervix closed! Lost one pound:yahoo:

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Yay for a great appointment!! Smile

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So glad you had such a great appointment!!

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Sounds wonderful Amanda! Seems the baby may stay put just like you need him or her to.

I can't believe you still don't know what you are having....self-restraint.

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I hope baby stays put until at least the 14th I think its probably okay to let DH go back to work this weekend for the 3 days.

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Sound great! I still can't believe how close we are!!

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Glad all is well. Maybe not seeing anything when she measured the thigh is a good sign that you're getting a girl this time. And yes it's getting so close now!!

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Congrats on a great appt Amanda!! Yay for big babies! I think baby is a girl lol... by now you know what those pee-pees look like on the ultrasound!!

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Sounds great! You are in the homestretch now mommy!!!

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Happy for your great appointment!