U/S !

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U/S !

Went in wednesday morning for the dating u/s. I was a nervous wreck. The night before i couldnt fall asleep I was on the verge of throwing up b/c i had myself convinced its was twins. Twins run in my family with it being my fifth pregnancy, getting older, feeling huge, etc. Then that morning, I did throw up. I was a ball of nerves. Ack! The whole morning was awful for me. Our appt was at 1220pm.

But all was well when he put the wand on my belly. I sawjust one and the hb right away.
Baby measures one day ahead but i know my ob wont change the date unless baby measures one week ahead or more.

I got video too but i cant get it to work on the laptop. I'll try to post it later from the desktop.

SHE is sooo cute!

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Yay for a great ultrasound!!!!

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What a cute baby!!!

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Aww, Too Cute!

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Cuuuuute! Smile
Congrats for a healthy heartbeat, and just 1 of them! I totally get what you're saying. My MIL has said on more than one occasion that she hopes I have twins (someday, she doesn't know about this pregnancy yet). I basically told her she's an evil wench for saying that, haha, because I know I'd be loony toons! I had a hard enough time dealing with 1 infant the first time around, I don't know what I'd do with a toddler and 2 infants!

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That's so great! Around here we get one ultrasound when you 5-6 weeks to make sure your pregnant and what not and then we get another at 16 weeks I think. So I'm waiting on that one. Your baby looks so much bigger than I anticipated it to be. When is your due date?
Smile congrats on the healthy baby!!!

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baby is due 12/3

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What a gorgeous baby!!!$ congrats on an awesome us, a healthy baby, and only one!!!

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Awww congrats!!!

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What a cute lil' gummy bear you've got there! Glad your u/s went well!

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Congrats! What a good picture of your baby!!! Biggrin

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Congrats on a great u/s!

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Hooray for a good U/S!!! I'm really hoping you get your princess (I'm wanting another princess myself!)!