U/S and appt yesterday

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U/S and appt yesterday

Got to see our bean yesterday! I'm a week behind what my lmp put me at but I expected that and was already going by that edd in my head, which is now officially 12/20. Bean's heartrate was 122! I am seeing maternal fetal medicine next Friday because I have several issues with my heart (mostly minor) and they want to keep an extra eye on everything, which means I'll get to see bean more! So that is all for now, these appointments are going to keep me busy!! I see the OB Thursday and then MFM Friday, and I spent 2 hours at my cardiologist today! I can't complain though, I'd rather them be overly cautious than not.

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Congrats on a good appointment Smile I had gestational diabetes with my daughter so the last six weeks of pregnancy I received WEEKLY ultrasounds to check her growth and amniotic fluid. I loved getting to see her so much. Glad they are going to be diligent and keep a close eye on everything.

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Congrats! So exciting that you got to see your little bean!

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Congratulations on seeing your bean! It sounds like you are in good hands Smile

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That's so exciting! I'm scheduled for an ultrasound this Tuesday for the same reason... they just want to see exactly how far along I am. I'm so excited, it's always the greatest feeling to see your little angel and to know that they're doing OK in there!

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Yay!! I have a dating u/s on wednesday too.

Doesnt it feel great to be cared for so much by all those doctors!! Take care of yourself.

Did you happen to get any pics??

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Thanks guys!

Amanda I did get 1 pic. I don't have a scanner so I'll just take a pic from my phone and upload it.

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