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u/s today (xp)

I was correct on my LMP and I am indeed 11 weeks. Ultra sound tech said I am due Jan 9, just 1 day off from my calculations. She said everything with baby looks great and we had a great strong heartbeat of 185 Biggrin Baby wasnt moving around too soon, i guess he/she was napping but it was so nice looking at him/her and seeing its little heart thumping away Biggrin Checked out my tubes and both were great. I dont remember them checking my tubes with DS but oh well haha. I am guessing I just have a big uterus which doesnt shock me since I always measured big with my son, hence why i always had to many ultrasounds with him hehe. Tech said she will have the Dr make another apt in about 8-9 weeks to determine gender.

Here are a few pics of my little bambino...

I see the 3 white lines in this one but im assuming they are nub lines hehe, i can wish though, right?! lmao.

I am sure being a c-section I will most likely have the baby in December so i will be in and out of here Smile

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Congrats on a great appt!

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I bet you are happy to know how far along you actually are. That's a great heartbeat! Love the pictures!:)

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Glad you have a date now so you can plan accordingly. Smile

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Congrats on a great appt and seeing your LO!

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Well, glad you found out for sure, but don't be a stranger around here!! Glad the baby looks good and healthy!

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Great photos!! Smile

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Congrats on the great appointment! Love the ultrasound pics Smile

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Thanks ladies, i go back in 8-9 weeks for the screenings and gender Biggrin