u/s update...YES WITH PICS!! & a belly pic!

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u/s update...YES WITH PICS!! & a belly pic!

I am SO THRILLED!!!!! After all those worries about my ultrasound, we got an amazing tech who showed us the whole session and told us what we were looking at too! The only info she gave us is that baby's measurements are on track for my Dec 3rd due date, but the radiologist will confirm that and all the other results, if there's anything more to say. From what we could tell...everything was there!

We saw the heart beating away (didn't hear it though) at 147 bpm. Saw the whole spine, brain, kidneys, stomach...all the limbs, the face, feet/hands, etc...no shot of the goods though. Didn't even show us :rolleyes:

My favourite part was when the baby appeared to be sleeping face down at first, but pretty quickly woke up and made the tech go on a chase to get shots of the arms. It was waving them around pretty good...especially up by it's face, which was cute. At one point it curled right up with feet by the forehead which was so adorable! It was incredible to watch baby move and feel it as well, that was just amazing! Baby is going crazy with movement right now too, it's all riled up haha!

It felt like only five minutes, but it took about 20-25 to get all the pics and measurements for the radiologist. I was DYING TO PEE as I'd been holding 1 litre of water for over an hour, and luckily she let me go pretty quick. First thing we saw was baby on one side, and on the other this great big black hole, which she called my "very full bladder" lol!

AND WE GOT PICTURES!!!! So nice of her. We got eight, here are my favourites Smile and a belly shot for good measure!

Love this shot of the cute legs!

This shot is amazing to me! We got a full face shot too, but it just looks like a skeleton right now! :eek:

baby feets!

Couldn't wait for the profile shot...it took a good ten minutes before she got to the head, it was driving me nuts!

And my latest belly shot, just before 19 weeks. That's my new dress for summer (it goes down to the floor) I love it and it was only $10!!!

Thanks again for all your support when I was sad about this appointment...it went better than I ever could have hoped for! Yahoo

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Congrats on a great appt!

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Wow, I am so happy that the radiologist let you watch! I know you were worried about that. Will they tell you gender at all? Maybe the doc at a later date?

Yikes! I had to drink a bunch of water before my NT scan, but they told me at the 20 weeks scan I don't need to drink anything. I would hate to have to hold it that long.. it is so painful!

GREAT pics. I just love that profile shot. What a cute little button nose!!!

Oh, and I love the dress! I'm really into them this pregnancy... where'd you get it? That is a good deal...

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Wonderful news, I'm so glad everything worked out for you!! Yahoo Sorry you didn't get to know the gender, but your 3D will be here before you know it! Cute pics, love the one of the little feet!!

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Awww I'm so happy for you! I'm so glad you got a good tech that let you watch, and gave you pics! You got some really good pictures....the little legs are so cute!

And, you look great! Love the dress Smile

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Thank you everyone! I am feeling so blessed right now. I was talking to one of my friends after the scan and showing her the pictures, and she told me she had heard from her cousin who is a couple weeks ahead of me. At their scan (same location as mine) they were in and out in less than ten minutes and the tech asked them not to say a word so they could concentrate and work quickly. SO GLAD I didn't end up with that person!

Jules, I will find out the gender at my 3D one! And the dress is from Sirens, I think it might be a Canadian store only. Really cheap stuff, I imagine the dress will fall apart by the end of summer, but for $10 I won't complain too much!

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Yay! I'm glad you got a nice tech and got to see everything well almost everything. Very cute bump and baby you have and love the dress. So cute!

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Congrats on your u/s and actually being able to see your baby (who is so cute, btw)! Love the pics, tfs!!

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Congrats on a great appointment! The pictures are great and I love your new dress. Smile

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Aww I am so happy for you Hilary! With all that you posted before I was thinking that they really cheat you out of an awesome experiences so I am glad that you didn't get cheated after all! And beautiful belly shot too Smile CONGRATS!!!!

((Do you see a shadow between the legs? I was looking hard for you but usually the gender shot is from below looking up the butt and showing legs))

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I'm glad it went well! Maybe the radiologist will tell you the sex of the baby?!

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Yaaaaaay! SO happy it turned out great for you, and what a cute little baby you have Yahoo
It really does sound like it depends on the tech. I am hoping I will get a good one too.

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Congrats on a great U/S! Great pics too Smile and very nice dress- love the color!!

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Thanks everyone!! Smile :)

"JuneorJulyBaby?" wrote:

((Do you see a shadow between the legs? I was looking hard for you but usually the gender shot is from below looking up the butt and showing legs))

DH is convinced there's something there and he thinks he might have got a look at "something" while the tech was moving around! I dunno, I agree with you that the shot is from the wrong angle so really...I don't put too much in it. Although...we felt like it is a boy, and now after seeing the pics, my boy feeling is even stronger. So maybe?!? Haha! It will be a nice surprise in a month now to find out if we have been right all this time!

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Adorable! So glad it went well for you! Biggrin

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Beautiful baby!! Love the pics. You look wonderful as well. Cute little baby bump!!

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So glad your appointment went well! Love the pics!