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I went for an ultrasound on Saturday and it was the most amazing thing! We saw a perfect little person in there, fingers, toes, ears and everything!!! The baby was moving around, kicking, rubbing his/her eyes, stretching and even had the hiccups! We were amazed at all the things you can see at only 12 weeks. It was absolutely precious :D:D:D and we are over the moon!
Here are some pics:





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Oh my goodness, how adorable! Congrats on getting to see your little one!

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awww! Great pics!!

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So amazing!!

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great pictures!!!!

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That's great! you must be so happy! lucky duck, getting the 3d ultrasound haha. Yayy for a great u/s! Smile

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The 3d pictures are amazing!!! What a beautiful baby you're growing!

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so sweet!!!! must have been so exciting!!! any sneak peaks in the boy/girl department?

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Thanks ladies, it was a great experience. No boy/girl sneak peaks, but we did tell the technician we didn't want to find out so maybe that's why she didn't say anything. I don't even know if they would be able to tell yet. By the way, this was an elective ultrasound we decided to get for peace of mind before finally telling everyone. I think that's why we got some 3D shots.
I just couldn't believe that there is a complete little person in there already!!:D

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Those are great pictures!

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Aww! So adorable! Congrats on getting such a lovely peek! Nice to know the baby's keeping busy in there! Biggrin

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I'm jealous of the 3D! Great pics! Amazing how cute they are so little.

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Absolutely amazing and beautiful baby! Congrats !

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Love seeing all the ultrasound pictures!! They are so precious. Glad you got to see your little one so you can break the news!!