Update and pictures of Harper (very pic heavy)

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Update and pictures of Harper (very pic heavy)

Hi All! I haven't posted on here much lately, but I have been lurking, and keeping up with lots of you on FB, but I wanted to post some pictures of Harper like I said I would for those that haven't seen her on FB Smile It's amazing how many pictures you take once you have kids...I literally have hundreds already. She was 1 month old on on the 7th--I can't believe it! She's a sweet baby and LOVES to cudddle and be held. I am finally starting to feel normal again after the c-section...I had some issues with my incision reopening a couple weeks ago, but it's healed now, thank goodness. We are still adjusting to living off a fraction of the sleep we got before, but it's well worth it. We have her 1 month appt on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure she's over 13lbs by now! Smile

Harper's first picture. She came out looking like a toddler. The first thing my OB said was "Yeah, Katie, I'm pretty sure she's at least 10lbs." LOL.


Newborn photos...she was 4 days old Smile

Harper and I on Christmas day

3 weeks old!

One month!

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She is so adorable Katie!!!!!

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Oh she is just too cute!!! TFS

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Sweetness! She's a keeper. So cute!

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very cute!! i cracked up at the fist pic because she eally does look like a toddler! lol

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That first picture is hilarious!

Your newborn photos are beautiful! What a keepsake. You had a great photographer for sure. Im a sucker for newborn pics Smile

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Thank you all...the first picture makes me laugh too...she just looks so...big...lol.

Carolyn-one of my co workers actually took her newborn photos...so we got a good deal Smile

Hope everyone is doing well with their new LO's! Smile

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I love these! She looks adorable.

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She is beautiful! I love those newborn pictures! I am so jealous! I wish I would have done them, I got so sick and didn't Sad

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Too sweet!!

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She is just too cute. I love that first photo Smile

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Thanks for sharing - she is adorable, and she was so big when she was born!!

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What a cutie!! Thanks for sharing Katie.

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