update on us!

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update on us!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I haven't been posting, or even stalking, for that matter! It's been busy here.

We moved to Minnesota in January when Nick was 6 weeks old. We came out here for a job for DH that offered loan repayment because it is such a rural area. We had a huge bomb dropped on us after he had been with this job for 6 weeks. The Dr's he was working with "changed their minds." They decided they didn't want to train a new candidate. They told him to "resign" or they would have to fire him. We were both completely stunned. They knew he was coming from psychiatry. This new job was family practice, something DH has never done before. They agreed to train him, then after 6 weeks and us moving almost 3,000 miles they decided they wanted someone with family practice experience.They gave him 4 weeks pay as a good bye. We are on week 3 and DH is still desperately looking for a job. We have a few leads, but nothing concrete yet. I could go back to work but Nick won't take a bottle and it takes about 10 weeks to get a Minnesota license for me to even start practicing. We aren't desperate enough yet to move back to PA, but it's always an option. We both have jobs that would take us back with open arms there.

In happier news, Nick is doing great. He is HUGE, just like is brother. We did his 2 month appt at 3 months. He was just under 17lbs and 24 inches. His head is over the 100th percentile. He smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME. He laughs when you tickle him. He's no where near sleeping through the night but he goes back down pretty easily when nursing. He's probably up 4x a night but I don't really mind it.

I'm not sure if AF is trying to come back. I've had 3 episodes of spotting lasting 2 or 3 days in the past 5 weeks. A bit too close together to be real cycles I suppose, but it does seem like AF is trying to make a comeback.

heres some pics!!

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Hi Carolyn!! That is AWFUL about your dh's job! And you moved so far away for it, too. Sad I hope your dh is able to find something soon.

I love that pic of the 2 of them on the chair! So cute!

I'm in Minnesota as well - you should send me a PM, maybe we're close. Smile

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That is just terrible! How can people be so cruel. They knew you moved that far for that job! Ugh.

Your boys are just beautiful. I am glad to read that the baby is doing so well. l hope your dh find a job asap.

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That is just horrible about your DH's job! I've been wondering how your move went. I hope a job turns up soon for your DH. Love the pics, your boys are both so cute!

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That is really awful about your husband's job. I don't understand how someone would do that! Ugh!

Love the pictures of your boys, they are both beautiful!!

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Oh no! What a bummer about the job. I mean, more than a bummer, it's awful. I hope everything magically turns out perfect somehow!

Your boy is gorgeous. And HUUUUUUGE!!! Smile

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I was just thinking about you...wondering how you've been. I can't believe that about your DH's job! What a difficult situation. I hope things all work out. Glad to see you here again. Smile

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Thanks for the support. He has an interview at a psych practice 4 hours from here near Iowa. It's either next week or the week after. It's slow going. I have a good feeling he will get it. It's only a temporary position for 2-3 months. It doesn't make sense to move again, so he will probably be getting a small apartment and coming home on weekends. At least its not forever. We do have family coming out in may and June so I will have some company. There is a possibility that the job could become permanent which is what were hoping for!

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OMG your babies are absolutely beautiful!!! As for you DH's job, you should check into filing suit against that employer. I remember my dad had something like that happen when I was in high school. We up and moved from Las Vegas to Nashville, and after two weeks they fired him for some bogus reason. He threatened to file suit, saying that he completely uprooted his family and his life (we had sold our home here in Vegas) to move across the country and they in no way can do that to him, as the reason for the move was the promise of a job. They ended up letting him keep the job because they didn't want a nasty lawsuit.

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Love all the pics!!!! Your boys are so cute Smile

That is AWFUL about your DH's job. I can't believe they would do that Sad I am so sorry you have to go through this stress. I agree with Krystal, I wonder if there is some kind of legal action you can take...

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Your boys are adorable. So sorry about the work situation. I hope his interview goes well and he finds people who appreciate what he can bring to the job.

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Carolyn! So glad to see you here. I haven't been on the boards much the last couple of months too, but I noticed you were MIA! Did Nick outgrow that terrible colic phase? Wow, sounds like you guys have been through a lot. I can't imagine moving with a newborn and toddler, much less to be in a precarious situation shortly after the move. I am thinking of you all and I hope it all works out! Big hugs!