UTI :(

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UTI :(

So, I went to the dr. on Friday. Back story: I had been having some menstrual type cramping the past few days, way down low, which I knew wasn't gas. And I had noticed my urine being cloudy a couple of times in the past week. Finally, Thursday night, I knew something "wasn't right". My uterus felt really tight, and I felt like I was having one long contraction. So Friday morning, I call my dr. and they get me in. I have a UTI. Bleh. I am on Macrobid (antibiotic) for 7 days. The cramping is a lot better, and I'm hoping I don't have any more problems with this. I have only had 2 UTI's in my life, never while pregnant.

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ETA: oops... hit submit before I meant to. Anyway, UTIs really do feel different while pg. I didn't have any pain while urinating or anything like that. Anyone else ever have a UTI while pg?
And, while I was at the dr's office, since I was there already, the nurse practitioner went ahead and tried to find the hb with the doppler but couldn't, so she took me to the "quick" u/s room and we saw the little one wiggling around. Smile

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I was having the same type of symptoms and the dr. tested me and it was neg for uti. She also sent it to the lab, but I did not hear back. I still keep having the cloudy urine and long contraction feeling from time to time. Do you think I should call again??

Glad you are feeling better already.

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Yuck! Sorry you're dealing with that, but it's nice that you got to see your little one again. I don't have much experience with UTIs, but I hope you're feeling better soon.

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Oh lame! Sorry. Sad

Thanks for telling us about your symptoms though. I had no idea they could be so different.

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oh no, thanks for sharing how it felt. I would have assumed it ws the same as normal. I am glad they got you on some meds! Yay for seeing that sweet wiggling baby!!

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So sorry you're having to deal with that Kim! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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No fun with the UTI, but getting to sneak a peek at your LO was a nice consolation! Hope things clear up smoothly.

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I'm glad you got to see your LO and were able to catch the UTI before it turned into something more serious. I hope you feel better!

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I've never had a UTI but I've seen from the nursing stand point how yucky they can be! Glad you caught it and got some antibiotics. Glad you got to sneak a peek at the baby too!!

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Hope you are feeling better soon!

Also, drinking milk can cause cloudy urine, as can a number of other things that are harmless, so if your UTI came back negative, I guess I wouldn't be too concerned?!

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Glad your starting to feel better. UTIs in pregnancy are really common.

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"sugspop" wrote:

Also, drinking milk can cause cloudy urine, as can a number of other things that are harmless, so if your UTI came back negative, I guess I wouldn't be too concerned?!

Interesting, I never knew that.
Joyjim, are you still having the cramping? I am still having a little bit of cramping too, although not as much since I have been on the antibiotics. I figure the antibiotics would have gotten to the infection by now, so I wonder if mine are just regular braxton hicks now. If your symptoms have not gotten better, I might would call and check on the lab results and just let them know that you are still having some cramping. hope you feel better soon!

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I had 16 UTI's while I was pg with DS1. It was awful!! So far I haven't had any, but I have been Chugging water! like no other! haha. They really suck! :bigarmhug: