Vitamin B6

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Vitamin B6

Is anyone having luck with vitamin B6 for morning sickness? It's on my doctor's list of things I can do for morning sickness before calling the office for prescriptions or permission for unisom. I was thinking about going out to buy some this morning.

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I tried it and sometimes it worked a little. Sometimes didn't help. My friend found it really helpful though, so it's worth a try to see if it works for you!

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I tried it for a good 2 weeks and I am not sure it really made any difference at all. I was feeling quite miserable. I took 25mg morning, noon and evening. I then caved and got diclectin which is 10 mg of B6 and 10 mg of doxylamine succinate (an antihistamine) and it has helped immensely. At only half the recommended dose I feel almost back to normal except still tired but I think that's normal.

I have read lots of good reports on the B6 and was hoping it would work but it just didn't for me. I felt no difference in my nausea after stopping it. It's worth a try I think, it's pretty cheap (compared to $90 for 2 weeks of diclectin - ouch!). I got mine at Walmart but they only had 100mg pills so I had to cut them in quarters which was tricky.

Good luck - I hope it works for you!

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i think its a try and see too. I didnt have any luck with it in previous pregnancies. I havent tried it this time.

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I haven't tried it. I lived on Zofran when I was pregnant with our son. I have taken it probably 4 times this time, I only take it when the nausea is really bad and I have to be somewhere. I think it was around $12 for 30 pills, and totally worth it.

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I have a generic Zofran....just my generic co-payment and it is worth it's weight in gold as far as effectiveness. It doesn't even make me drowsy like phenergan does.

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Nevermind... the perscription was for Vitamin D! LOL!

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