Vivi's "3 month photos" (xp)

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Vivi's "3 month photos" (xp)

I had a little photo shoot with Vivian the other day for her "3 month photos." I didn't want to bring her anywhere, because I've been trying not to spend much money since we just paid an arm & a leg in hospital bills. So, we're doing it DIY style! I'm happy with how these turned out. Nowhere near professional, but I'm calling it good enough. I had them printed in wallets and 5x7's for the grandparents...they'll be here today, can't wait!


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She's gorgeous! I love the first one (and love that sweater!)

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Beautiful princess!!!

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Adorable! And I love that sweater too!

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The last is my fav!! So pretty!!

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Good job!!! And what a beautiful girl.

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Aw, love her!