That wasn't so bad (appointment)

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That wasn't so bad (appointment)

Had my first NST and Connor did splendidly. Everything looks ok and he wants me to go back weekly for them. I think a combo of GD and my fibroid has my doctor wanting to keep an extra eye on things or he's over charging my insurance. lol

I had the group B thing and I was thinking it was going to be horrible and it was over in 3 seconds LOL. I felt like a goober for being so stressed about it.

I did notice I was having mild BH's during the NST and didn't notice it lol usually when Connor gives my fibroid a swift kick, lol its funny.

Baby boy is also breech so I'll be having a talk with him. I have an u/s for week 38 to check size. I can't believe its only 4 weeks away :eek:

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Glad the NST and Group B test both went well. I didn't know about the Group B test when pregnant with Brynna and when my doctor did the test he not only checked my vaginal opening but my hind parts as well and it completely freaked me out! I felt totally

Hopefully he decides to turn to the head down position before the next ultrasound. I am pretty sure mine is transverse at this point so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Did the doctor discuss with you what the options would be if he didn't turn?

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Glad your appointment went well Smile and I'm glad to hear the GBS test isn't a big deal...mine is on Tuesday. Now let's just hope that your little boy turns!!

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yeah he said he wouldn't try to turn him only because of where my fibroid is and because I have a family history of placenta abruption. So if he stays breech I'll schedule a c-sec just to be safe. Personally I was upset about the idea I wouldn't have a perfect vaginal delivery but after it sunk in that while it's not ideal if its best for the baby then that's what I want. I know my mother never recovered from losing my brother full term due to placenta abruption and she had to have a hysterectomy at 32 due to her fibroids so its always in my head and at this point I just want a healthy baby and if I need to have a c-sec then so be it.

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Sounds like a good appt! And don't worry about his position, he still has plenty of time to turn down!

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I don't remember the GBS at all and you guys are really making me concerned! LOL

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GBS test is just a quick vag and anus swab with a long qtip. No biggie.

I'm surprised they did the GBS this early for you. If you have a csection will they do it early like 39 weeks?

I asked about my GBS at my 35 week appt and they said it was a little too early to do it.

Very happy to hear baby looks good on NST. And yay for more u/s! I love seeing the baby.

Why don't we have a window there just during pregnancy?!?!?

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I don't remember GBS test - maybe because I had c-sections they didn't do it?
when you read about it it talks about passing it to the baby when delivered- which would most likely be vaginally. I never had any vaginal check with either 2 previous pregnancies as they were both sections and done 2 weeks early.

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Whoa GBS test already!?!?!? It's crazy how fast things are moving. I'm glad your appointment went well. Are you having a section due to your fibroid or are you trying vaginal if Conner turns?

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Ok, uh, so now that I've heard about this butthole test. No. Not happening. Nope. No way.

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Glad it went well for you Crissy. It sounds like you have a good attitude about delivery. Smile I think it's good to remember that it's best to just do what's best & not be too hard-nosed about it....especially w/ your history.