We Are Home

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We Are Home

Thank you all for your well wishes. I am surprised they let me come home 48 hours after a c-section but we are both doing well and I am needed at home. My little man was just too big for me to push out. I pushed for over an hour and he never would descend. Then his heart rate dropped to 50 so it became a dire situation and everyone came rushing in and unplugging me and prepping the OR. I was so scared. All I could think about was getting my son out before something unthinkable happened. From the time I hit OR until the time they got Ryan out was 8 mins. Thank goodness for my epidural or I would have had to be put under. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Don't have much time now. Just wanted to thank everyone and let you guys know that we are okay. I cannot wait for you guys to see his hair!!

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wow, so scary. I am so glad they got him out safely. I still can't get over all of his hair! Congrats again. Rest as much as you can!

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So glad everyone is safe and sound. rest up!

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Jessicah - I didn't want to post much on your FB wall but I wanted to say that your birth sounds like mine with DS. I got to a 9 and was pushing and trying to get rid of the little lip keeping him in. My OB could stretch me but DS still wouldn't come out because of his head size. I ended in csection as well. It sucks to come that far and not get them out but no matter what, he is here and healthy!

I can't believe you are home already. My OB offered to let me come home 2 days after surgery and I am saying NO WAY! I feel like its so much easier to take care of a NB when there are nurses there to help you. LOL They may have to yank me out of there kicking and screaming.

I can't get over all his hair - its awesome!

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I'm so glad he got here safe and sound but I'm sorry you had to go through a c-section! Try to remember to rest and take care of yourself!

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I'm so glad everything turned out OK with your delivery Jessicah! That must have been so incredibly scary. I saw the pics of Ryan on your FB... that hair is incredible... he already has a mohawk lol! He's so beautiful!

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Congratulations!! That must have been so scary, but I'm so glad everything turned out ok and Ryan is such a handsome boy!! Can't wait to see more pics!

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So glad you're home.

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Congrats!! Glad you're home with your precious baby boy!