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We are home! xp

Kara Elliot
Dec 27th, 8:36 am
7lb 1 oz
20.5 in
apgars were 8, 9

On Tuesday, Dec 27th we were scheduled for a csection at 8:30 am. I got to the hospital at 7:15 and by 8:36 Kara was born. I had been so nervous all morning for some reason, like scared to death of the surgery. That's pretty out of character of me but I couldn't shake it. At one point right when the doctor had walked in I started saying "I'm scared, please give me something, I'm really to scared to do this!" and the anesthesiologist said "scared of what, they have already started and she will be here in a minute". After that for some reason I was completely calm and didn't mind the rest of the procedure. They let Justin stand up and video the actual delivery so that was really cool. As soon as she was out the nurse said "do you have big babies? she is big" but then they showed her to me and all I could think was how tiny she was. Then the doctors and nurses were all commenting about something on her face. They had Jus come over and look and it was a gold piece of glitter. So weird! They said they have never seen anything like that before. Anyhow, they finished up my surgery and we went to recover for a few hours. Once I had been in there for an hour they allowed Deacon to come back and see us. He walked in and was so excited that Sister was finally here. He was thrilled to give her a hug and a kiss. Then he said 'come on daddy, let's go get mimi (my mom) so she can see her' LOL.

After I finished the required time we were moved to a room. The nurses was great and loved Deacon, so they let him push her to my room all by himself (with Jus' supervision). As soon we we settled in the grandparents came in to meet her. I was pretty sick all day from the spinal and then exhausted from the anti-nausea meds. Justin stayed with me he first two nights and then my MIL stayed the last night. We got home yesterday (Friday).

Since Kara was born I have literally been on cloud 9. I never put her down and I miss her when someone else holds her for too long. I even held her to sleep every night in the hospital. She is such a good baby but man does she have her days and nights confused. She sleeps the entire day and is wide awake from 11p to 7a. I spend my nights trying to stay away and mu days trying to catch up on sleep. But right now I don't mind too much. Smile I am going to try to work on reversing her days and nights this week while I have Justin home to help me with Deacon. Jus has been amazing with D this week. He is playing with him and taking care of everything for him so I can focus on me and Kara. Its been much easier than I ever expected but I know its only because Jus has been so helpful.

Kara lost 9% of her body weight in the hospital and the nurses were really concerned. The pedi said she wasn't as worried since I'm a BTDT mom and she remembers how chubby Deacon got when I was BFing him. She asked me to nurse every 2 hours between now and our appt on Tuesday just to help her gain a little. However, had Kara been my first baby we would still be in the hospital. She was down to 6lb 6 oz when we left and she is TEENY TINY! She is so small and its the first thing everyone comments on when they see her. Even her features are tiny.

Anyhow, that's what we have been up to - exhausted days, tons of visitors around the clock and adjusting to being a family of 4. Its been amazing but it leaves no time for me to do anything else right night. I'm not sure when I will be back on the boards regularly but I will try to get on and lurk. I'm on FB since its easy to do on my phone while nursing or pumping. I'm sure you have seen her pictures on FB. I'll try to get some online soon or at least more on FB.

Midori - Congrats on your new LO - we have birthday buddy kids!
Lesley - I'm so happy that Mabel is here and you guys picked a name. Smile

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Great birth story Jenn! Congratulations on your precious miracle Kara!!!!

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I'm so glad she's here! Speedy recovery to you and keep enjoying those snuggles.

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I am so happy for you! How funny about the glitter on her cheek! I am going to head over to your FB to see more pictures! Don't be gone too long!!!!!

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Congrats!!! She's adorable.

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yay!! Congrats!
For some reason I was scared too when they were prepping me for the c-section. It's just not natural to be in that sterile environment waiting for a baby to be born w/o loved ones around (IMO).

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Yea!! So glad everything is going well. I was scared, too, before my c-section, laying there on the table all I could do was pray - I was so worried something would go wrong. Can't wait to see pics of Miss Kara, she sounds lovely!

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That was the same with us! Mayleigh was down to 6 lbs 5 oz when we left the hosptial and 6 lbs 2 oz at the docs office the next day. She stayed tiny until about 1 month old and now she is bigger every time I look at her! She sure fills out her 3 month clothes now.

She sounds so precious Jenn, and is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy those precious newborn days... I already miss them dearly.

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Great story, Jenn! I was terrified too...whenever they were going to do any sort of procedure...putting in the epi, breaking my water, etc. I was so scared that I was shaking uncontrollably. Glad everything went smoothly and you have your little girl in your arms.

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So glad to finally read this Jenn! TFS!!

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I'm sorry we were all scared but I am glad to know it is normal. I thought I was being a huge baby. But for real, it freaked me out.