We survived the move

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We survived the move

Hi Ladies! We survived our move, so far anyway. We made it to SD in four days driving about 8 hours a day. Claire actually did very well on the drive as long as she was sleepy when we got in the car. For the moment we are staying with my in-laws and we are still without most of our stuff so its been a little bit of an adjustment trying to take care of a fussy baby with nothing but her clothes/blankets and a vibrating chair. DH is looking forward to getting our own place but I'm actually loving the extra help in the evening. I've actually gotten to eat hot food 3 days in a row! Their internet isn't so great so I probably won't be on much but I hope everyone else is doing well.

Finally have some pics to share too. The first 2 are from her newborn pics at 7 days old. Last one is from a few days ago. Sorry they are big.

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Yay for surviving! Claire is so adorable

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Awww, Claire is beautiful! Love her mouth! Glad you made the move okay. I'm with you...i would be loving the extra sets of hands to hold the little one! haha!

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Hi Becca! I'm sad to see you leave Vegas, it was sort of comforting knowing their was a p.o girl here in town with me lol! I'm glad that you're settling in OK, and that you're getting some help. Your princess is just precious... and don't be a stranger!

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Glad you made it okay!! Those photos are absolutely adorable Smile what a sweetheart!!

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What a BIG girl! So cute!!

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I LOVE that picture of Claire and your DH. :mrgreen:

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Aww...what a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing the pics...so glad you made it to your destination and that you have a little extra help for the time being. Smile

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I love the pictures! TFS.

Moving across country is so hard and add a newborn into that I can't imagine how much harder that has to be. Glad you made it! Good luck with finding your own home.