Wednesdays appt

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Wednesdays appt

Was pretty quick! I was surprised. The nurse had trouble finding babys HB but baby was hiding way up by my belly button. Nurse didnt realize my uterus was up that high already. Kinda had me scared for a minute. Doc didnt say anything about it being up that high. He did say i need to get my u/s done at MFM instead of in office b/c apparently the medcine i've been taking for months now may case heart problems in babies. Sad So i go in on the 13th for the atanomy scan and back again 4 weeks later for the echo (looking at babys heart in detail)

NT results were "normal" they didnt give me any numbers like they have before. i dont think i gained anything since last appt but he didnt say anything about that either and i didnt ask. BP good and baby HB was good and loud once she did find it. Lol

Next OB appt on my bday, the 20th.

Oh and after talking and thinking with my husband, i pretty sure i've decided to wait on finding out babys gender. I just dont want to regret finding out early because i cant take it back and i am afraid of being dissapointed if its a boy. I know that sounds really bad but thats just how i feel. Once baby is safely here i dont think i'll be as disappointed (wasnt with Eli) or at least not until later when I have permanent BC measures taken.

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And i've finally started feeling the baby poking around!! YAY!

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My appt. on wednesday was one of the first distinguishable movements I have had!! Great appt! My baby is still down low Wink And I'm gaining weight like a mad woman haha

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Sorry that your appointment was disappointing. I have been amazed at how little the midwives have actually told me at my appointments. I work for a program that works with infants/toddlers and pregnant women and I've kind of been a guinea pig. My supervisor will ask me what the doctor/midwife covers at appointments so that we can know how much info our pregnant women are already receiving...and I can tell you that it's barely any. Most of what I have learned about what to eat and do during pregnancy came from reading or the internet...not from my doctor's office.

Anway, it's great that you got to hear the heartbeat again and do what you feel is best when it comes to finding out the gender. Hugs!

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Glad everything went somewhat smooth. Yay for having an u/s scheduled! Thinking lots of positive thoughts that all will be well with baby's heart.

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So glad it mostly worked out in the end! And yay for feeling movement! Biggrin

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Glad you had a good appt. Thats neat you're going to wait to find out the gender....I could never do it but I think it's really cool when other people do it Smile and that's awesome you're feeling the baby move Smile

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Congrats on a good appt! Don't feel bad about the gender thing, I know exactly how you feel. I cried and cried all day when I found out that this baby was another boy... but what can you do? I'm just having the hardest time finding any boy clothes that I like lol!

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