Weekend plans?

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Weekend plans?

Come chat with me ladies! I feel like I'm going crazy over here. What are your plans this weekend?

Tomorrow my DS has soccer in the morning, and then I'm dragging him to Kohls and Carter's for some shopping.

Sunday we are heading to the grandparents to hang out while the guys golf and have a little BBQ.


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DH and I are driving to Lake Charles, Louisiana this evening to go to the casinos for a bit and stay the night. We got a free suite so we can't beat the price Wink I have to go back to work on Monday so I want to enjoy my last weekend of summer vacation.

And Sunday I'm hoping to meet up with my mom somewhere. She lives two hours away and I haven't seen her in over a month, and I really miss her. I actually cried all the way home from school today because I missed her...crazy hormones!

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Awww Katie, you are so cute! Enjoy seeing your mom and your night away!!! Sounds like an awesome weekend and a great way to end your summer vacay. Smile

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We are gearing up to host our kids (combined) birthday party tomorrow. DS actually turns 3 tomorrow, and DD turned 5 in early July. Long story, but this turned out to be the best weekend for the party. We have a bouncy castle coming to our backyard and are doing a BBQ with family and friends. And they're saying it'll be the hottest day of the year! (Although that isn't saying much for the summer we've had :rolleyes:)

Anyway, I should go bake some cakes!

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Tonight my BFF and her two DD's are coming over. Deacon is so excited to play in the sprinkler with them.

Tomorrow we are working on our little remodel project some more and hopefully will have time to paint a little. Not the wall but the whole room that is being done. I also have to go order our carpet for the front rooms in the morning. Then tomorrow night we have dinner plans with BFF and another couple.

Sunday - more wall project. Seriously - I had NO IDEA it would take this long.

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Hmmm, nothing as exciting as the other ladies. I want to go to the gym after work today Smile

We are still getting unpacked & organized from moving so I'm sure some of that.

Tonight we may go to the bar & see a Devo cover band & tomorrow at the same bar Agent Orange is playing, but doubt we will go to that.

Also, there is one of those big, crazy sand castle festivals in Long Beach so maybe we'll stroll by there tomorrow.

Oh, and I wanna EAT & SLEEP.....A LOT!

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Sticking close to home. We started potty training our son earlier this week so I don't want to mess it up.

Also hoping to finish painting the nursery this weekend.

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Everyone's plans sound great except for Krystal's! Boo for working! I think we ALL need a break from that. Funny thing is, my parents have a time share with Diamond Resorts. We use it all the time and will be using it when we go to Florida in 3 weeks!

Lots of painting going on this weekend I see. I think we decided not to paint the baby's room. How lame huh?!

The birthday party sounds fun too! You can't go wrong with jump houses. Smile

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Not a whole lot, but DH and I need a quiet weekend after a stressful week! Saturday we are hanging out with an old friend of mine I haven't seen in awhile which will be nice. During the day we will just run errands....I'm hoping we can get everything done in one shot, then on Sunday just relax together and enjoy a day...maybe even hit the beach!

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We are having some family and friends over for a BBQ tomorrow at our new house. So first we'll have to go out and buy some chairs and a BBQ!

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I will be flying home from Chicago tomorrow. I am hoping the weather cooperates and my flights depart on time because it's our 1st wedding anniversary and DH has dinner reservations for us.

Sunday will be just relaxing, laundry, and getting ready for the work week.

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I'm so excited to be on vacation for the next 9-days! Ahhhhhhh! My parents rented a lake house on the Oregon Coast (we'll be on a lake but across the street from the beach!). My brother & his family are coming too! Been looking forward to this all summer Smile

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Everyone's plans sound so fun but I'm like Krystal, I'll be working. Monday though I leave for a week to visit family and go to my brothers wedding! Smile

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Today (Saturday) I have to work 7-3. Don't really have any plans for this evening that I know of. Then tomorrow I have my father-in-laws bday celebration and my nieces birthday party to go to. Sunday will be super busy for us. Not to mention I really need to get some cleaning in. My house is a disaster!

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I actually have some plans for the weekend Smile yeah!!

Today - we are working on finishing our brick patio in our back yard, well hubby is doing the work but I get to supervise lol And going to a baby shower for a lady at my work.

Sunday- swimming at our friends pool and later in the evening dh's grandpas birthday party.