Weekly belly thread :)

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Weekly belly thread :)

these are all about 10 weeks apart... I can't wait to add the LAST picture to this installment haha

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Look at that tiny little baby belly! Lookin' good!

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That is such a cute little baby belly! I look like a beached whale next to you!

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cute! I don't see too much of a difference between 17 and 28 but I'm sure it feels like a lot.

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Looking good!:)

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You're so tiny and cute! I'm so totally jealous! There was a woman picking up her child from my boys' school the other day who said she was due in a week and I swear she was as big as you are right now! I couldn't believe it! My stomach looks like I swallowed a goat and could deliver tomorrow (although I still have 10 weeks left!) and she looked as though she had five months to go! Super cute pics!

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6 weeks

17 weeks

And today at 26 weeks

I like how you can stand away from the mirror and make your stomach look a little smaller...lol Because in real life my belly is much bigger!

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^^^ I feel like mine is bigger in real life too!! (in fact I'm pretty sure it is lol)

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