Weight gain

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Weight gain

I know you all are barely gaining weight and stuff, but OmG! I have gained sooooo much I could freak out. This is the first pregnancy I have cared about my weight, and I wish I did not....I think I am at 10-12 lbs at this point.

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I'm down 14 lbs and the doctor wasn't exactly reassuring about it this last visit. I'm sure it'll shoot up soon but it just seems weird with a growing belly.

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When I went in on the 22nd I'm up a total of 5 1/2, so I'm up there with you (def not losing like most of the gals). I'm hoping to keep it to around 30 total!

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triplespiral: wow, 14 pounds? have you been pretty sick? that seems like alot especially since you aren't big to begin with.

i lost 7 initially, but ive gained back 3, so im down 4 overall.

i did the same thing last pregnancy. i gained 30 pounds, but none of it before 22 weeks. I will catch up soon Smile

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I lost in the beginning with the first 2. Didn't gain until after 20 weeks. With the first I gained 25, second 45!!! This time I'm up 2-3 lbs...I'm so scared I'm going to have a repeat of the last time:(

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Joy have you stopped running and such? As much as you were running I am sure it's a shock to your system to just stop. So I am sure you will gain weight a bit faster and it will probably slack off here soon as your metabolism adjusts. Smile

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Hello Joy, I am here to make you feel better Smile

I am in my 13th week & I have gained 10!!! I know, WTH?!?!?

I am hoping a lot of it is backup (ugh) & water retention/sodium. I started at 126, I have continued running about 2 miles most days. I also try to go to the gym at least once a week & still no love. Sad

I just lost 65lbs & I'm scared I'm going back there. I gained 60 w/ both my other 2. OH NO!

I'm hoping that if I can just go 1 pound a week for the rest of the time I will just be at about 40... I'd be fine w/ that, but I just don't think that's possible. I'm thinking about starting a food diary.

At least I know how to lose the weight again after weaning.

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On my appt last night month I was up 5 lbs but now I'm back down to pre-pregnancy size... thank God! And I plan on keeping it that way!

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I am down 9 at this point. My midwife is fine with it because I have plenty to spare for baby. I always lose weight in the beginning because I am way more careful with my food while pregnant. Plus, its summer and we are in the pool daily so I am burning extra calories.

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I haven't gained any yet. I lost about 12 pounds right before I got pregnant by cutting grains and sugar out of my diet. I have been eating the same (with an occasional cheat) since I got my BFP and I am holding steady around 140. Now that I am feeling better, I am planning to try to get some exercise. I'm thinking about starting some water fitness classes with plenty of walking and stretching exercises.

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I was up 1 lb at my last appointment. My next appt is tomorrow but the scale at home says I have stayed about the same. Like Carolyn I didn't really start gaining until the second half of my 2nd tri and I gained 27ish lbs total with Nicholas.

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I gained 50 lbs ON TOP OF 15 lbs of fertility meds weight with ds. So I'm so scared I will gain 65 lbs again after I just lost it.

Right now I am about 5-6 lbs up which I'm fine with. If I can stick to a lb or less a week from here on out I think I'll be ok.

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This time I'm only up 2-3 lbs. But in previous pgs I was in double digits by this point.

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I am up 4-5 lbs depending on the day. Last pregnancy I gained 24, so that is my aim for the entire time. I do need to start eating better, i have fallen off the wagon recently on that.

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I'm soo scared to gain alot of weight. I'm not scared to gain baby weight, but the excess is what I struggle with. I gained 65lbs with DS!! and I am so terrified of being that huge again... I'm already not a skinny girl, I really don't want to be feeling "fat" again. :/