weird stabbing pain

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weird stabbing pain

It's well...ummm, inside of my lady parts....and it is from the baby moving. It is sharp. Also all of his movement continues to me right at my pubic bone and against my cervix. I HAVE to remember to tell my Dr. this week, but knowing me, I will forget.

Anyone else having this?

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I have this around my bladder... the baby is head down and sometimes she hits it just the right way... I have to bend over during those moments. It feels like she is going to just pop out! Let me know what your doc says. I'm going to try to remember to ask mine too

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All the time! I swear it's like he is trying to claw his way out. It's a very uncomfortable feeling.

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I haven't experienced this yet, because I don't think my baby is head down yet, but I had pain on the side of my belly so bad yesterday that I couldn't stand up straight. Think it might have been round ligament pain? I dunno...I drank a glass of water and it went away. Probably just a weird coincidence.

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Yes ! Feels like he is using his hand to stir my cervix! It varies from annoying to painful. Luke did the same thing

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Don't worry, it's just pressure that the baby is putting on you down there! Remember, at this stage in your pregnancy, not only have your internal organs shifted from their original positions, but so have your joints. The baby moves things out of alignment, so it causes pain in all sorts of places... and what you're describing is perfectly normal!

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Oh yeah! This one is trying to push her way out the side! I hope she figures out which way is down in the next two months! LOL!

Hope you feel better soon!