What do you do during awake time?

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What do you do during awake time?

What are your activities with the baby while they are awake?

Emily has a few hours of "quiet alert" time during the day now so either me or DH try to talk to her and just get some "face time" in with her. In the afternoons when Nicholas is awake and playing I will put her in the bouncy chair and she looks at the animals hanging down (I think). Tonight I put her in the swing and turn on animal sounds while I got some stuff together for dinner too. At night after Nicholas is in bed we snuggle and talk to her while we watch our shows on tv. We might break out the playmat and start some tummy time soon.

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Jonah is 5-weeks and still only has about 2-3 hours of awake time a day. He got a play mat for Christmas that he likes & he likes his chair. Mostly we talk with him after he eats. He started smiling at 3-weeks and now we get big grins when we talk to him!

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Aww, I can't wait to have that quiet alert time! Awake time here is spent screaming and crying, waiting for their turn at the boob or bottle.

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RYan has about an hour in the morning and one in the evening of quiet alert. We usually talk to him or play him some music, or show him one of his toys, or we snuggle on the couch. The last day or two though quiet alert time has turned into screaming fits - he won't let me put him down all day! I hope we get the quiet back!

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We talk to her and just pay her lots of attention. I might try putting her on her playmat for tummy time soon. She is going through a growth spurt right now though, so any awake time is spent demanding food or a diaper change lol. It's been tiring!!

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We aren't getting quiet alert right now. It's screaming alert. When he isn't crying we do the same as all of you. Chair, swing, talk, floor. I miss the quiet alert. I love holding him but with the other two I do have to put him down and he isn't having any part of that right now.

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Jonah is much the same. If he isn't crying, then he's on the play mat, and I've even put him on his tummy for a few minutes until he won't have it anymore. We use the swing, talk and we cuddle, but that inevitably ends up with both of us asleep on the couch. I swear, he's more effective than a tranquilizer.

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Trystan is awake all morning now, so I basically hold him the whole time... I can't help it lol! I actually miss him when he's not in my arms! The rest of the little bit of time he's in his Pooh chair hanging out!