When did you go to the bathroom normallY?

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When did you go to the bathroom normallY?

This may be a weird question but for those with tears, when did you start using toilet paper again and stop using the peri bottle? I'm scared to mess with the stitches.

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I think close to 2 weeks postpartum I stopped using the peri bottle and started with paper again. But I was sort of dabbing paper before that. I could have earlier but I had one teeny tiny part of the incision that formed sort of a bulge that was irritated so I stayed away from it. Less infection risk too if you don't use Paper. I put Epsom salts in the peri bottle (1/4 tsp) several times per day to help healing.

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Ok, I guess I'm really bad because I never used the peri bottle. I didn't have any pain with peeing, so I didn't even bother with it, plus I lost bladder control for a few days there, so by the time I got to the toilet, I was already peeing myself. LOL. The midwife told me to soak in warm water 3-4 times a day, but since I have been home, that hasn't really been realistic. I have been using paper since about day 4 or 5, but I mainly just dab the area. I've also been using Tucks pads to wipe.

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I tore and had an epesiotomy with DS1, and with him I probably waited two to three weeks before I was brave enough to wipe. This time around I only used that bottle for a couple of days (no tears though)!

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I want to know this too. I still use a peri bottle to clean but I do pat dry with paper. Can't wait till a simple bathroom break is no longer a five minute journey!! I use some herbal remedies too so it takes me awhile to get everything set up lol... Sigh!! Sad

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I didn't have any internal tears - just a perineum tear (2nd degree but not horrible). I used the bottle religiously week one, most of the time week 2 and this week (week 3 PP) I haven't at all and pretty much do everything normally. My bleeding is almost gone too which for me helps me feel overall cleaner!

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I used the bottle for about two weeks. Right away I dabbed with paper and a few days later started to use paper to clean up the blood WAY in front. It has been three weeks now and I definitely don't use paper in a normal way, but I'm slightly more comfortable with it after peeing. I ran out of Tucks and have used baby wipes on occasion at the back but uh ... mostly I just time it right and take a shower.