When will you find out boy or girl?

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When will you find out boy or girl?

So, for those of you finding out if it's a boy or a girl - when do you expect to know? I'm getting so frustrated. First, I don't get to hear the heartbeat until 12 weeks 5 days. That will be my first real sign that something is actually in there. My first and only ultrasound will be somewhere between 18 and 20 weeks. To find out if it's a boy or a girl, I can choose to schedule a second ultrasound elsewhere, pay about $100, and I can't go until 22 to 24 weeks!!!!!

I can't believe I have to wait so long. I'm really sad about it. I feel like I have heard that you can tell if it's a boy or a girl sometimes even before 18 weeks. What will everyone be doing? I will be sitting here going CRAZY waiting an eternity for any sign of life down there!!! :eek:

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I'll probably find out around 5-6 months along. I'm only getting one u/s as well, but my people are good at letting me hear the heartbeat every appointment. Was supposed to have my first appointment this Tuesday, but I ended up getting booked for the whole week, so I have to reschedule. Grr! :mad:

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Last time I think they did the anatomy scan at 17 weeks, and that's when I found out he was a boy. I think anywhere from 17w to the early 20's is usual for the anatomy scan. To be honest, in the "profile" of his 12 week scan it was clear he was a boy...but they never confirmed anything until 17 weeks.
I don't understand why they can't determine the sex at the u/s you have between 18 and 20 weeks?? That doesn't make sense! But, if it were me, I'd pay the 100 bucks if you're dying to know.

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I find it crazy that you can't find out the sex when they are doing the anatomy ultrasound. I mean it is the *anatomy* u/s and I am sure they will catch a glimpse of something!

With they way my appointments are scheduled, I will most likely find out at 18 weeks. I found out with Nicholas at 18 weeks during the anatomy u/s.

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They told me 80% Cash was a boy at our NT scan around 13 weeks. They were looking at the nun shot, not potty shot. I don't think we're finding out this time though!

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What!? Wow. I can't believe that is how your dr's do it! I will find out at my anatomy u/s and that is somewhere between 18-20 weeks. With ds, I found out at 18 weeks. With dd they tried at 20 but she was shy so they let me have another the next month to check on some other stuff and they peaked for me then.

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I was going to wait until my "half way through" u/s, but the Dr. has suggested I may want to get an amniocentisis (sp?). I am not sure I want to do that just yet, (I may wait until the Neuro-translucency results come back to decide) but it would be a 100% accurate way to get my insurance to pay to find out! LOL!

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that stinks you have to wait so long to see or hear your baby. Geez by 22 or 24 weeks you might as well wait until delivery Wink Just kidding. But i do have to say being surprised on babys birth day is the most wonderful thing. Its the best surprise! I cant even tell you. But I also understand wanting to know and if you have the oppurtunity to find out why not. I'm kind of torn whether to find out early this time or wait it out again. My first i found out about 30 weeks along(didnt know i could get an u/s to see the babys gender) but all the other were surprises.

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My anatomy scan should be between 18-20 weeks as well. With my DD I had gestational diabetes so the last six weeks of pregnancy I went in for weekly ultrasounds to make sure she wasn't getting too big and to check my amniotic fluid levels. So I was totally spoiled seeing her every week there at the end.

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I think it's a public/private health care issue up here. Basically we are super short on ultrasound techs. They were getting overloaded because determining boy/girl was taking too long at what was supposed to be a "quick check" ultrasound at 18-20 weeks. So they were getting backed up because everyone wanted to know boy/girl.

So the health authority said they're no longer allowed to tell us, and so the scans are going faster and they get more done in one day. But people still want to know! So a private clinic opened up and all they do is tell you boy or girl and give you some pictures for $100. But they still need to hire an ultrasound tech...so they end up calling in the VERY SAME ultrasound techs that are working in the public system to come work for them. So things are just as backed up and busy as ever because now they public side is even more shorthanded. I had to book my 18-20wk ultrasound YESTERDAY. :eek:

So frustrating!!!

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My OB does their routine anatomy U/S around 18 weeks, so that's when you'll find out if you wait for your OB to do it. I always go to a local place here in Vegas around 16 weeks that does the 3D U/S (it's not a doctor's office or anything like that, it's just a fun place to go and see baby, get lots of pics, and they even make you a DVD)! If you're wanting to find out the sex earlier than your OB's U/S will tell you you'll have to check in your home town and see if there is a place like mine that will do it for you! Good luck!

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I think thats just obsurd. how they cnat take a look fo r you. It doesnt take that long and they are measuring thigh bones and bellies. They are already there.!

Cant wait to find out what your having!!