Where to order next set of OPKs

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Where to order next set of OPKs

I am at that point where I'm running out of OPKs, maybe by next cycle...maybe the cycle after that. I've only ever been able to identify positive for 2 cycles on the early-pregnancy-test.com ICs, and only after everyone else on the DYSAL board told me so, haha. But seriously, I would have thought they were only "close" but no cigar! So I really have lots of trouble identifying when I have positive OPKs on my ICs.

But so many other pple seem to get really clear positives with the ICs! Do you ladies think I should order them from ept.com again? Or should I try another brand? Or even go with some other kind of OPK (ie. fertility monitors?) I am somewhat limited in where I buy stuff since I live in Canada. For example, I don't know if amazon.com will ship OPKs here.

So...what do you suggest?

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I answered on the 2ww board but thought I would here too. I get mine from early-pregnancy-tests.com. I am really happy with the opk results and accuracy. I got a combo pack so I have some hpts as well. Great price!!
My order took forever though to come. Over a week! I am in Manitoba so I am also limited to where i can order from due to shipping issues. I will be interested in what everyone else says!

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I'm not sure if you can get them shipped to Canada, but I use the wondfo brand from amazon. Cheap and easy to read.

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Hi Sophia!

I have used OPK's in the past, but like you, I have a very hard time figuring out when it's positive. This past cycle I splurged on the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Kit and I'm {obviously} so glad I did because we finally caught our egg. It was so easy to tell because it shows you a nice, clear smiley face! I ordered mine on Amazon so that might not be an option for you, but I did recently see some that were for sale on diaperswappers.com from somebody who had bought them and didn't need them anymore. I think she was willing to ship to Canada. Anyways, I ordered the box of 20 tests, and you should definitely have a few left over to last you another cycle. Let me know if you want me to show you where I saw those ones for sale!

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I was just going to post the same thing! Smile

I always got from earlypregnancytests.com but my last batch I got evaps on almost every single HPT. I want to order from somewhere else this time.

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I used to use saveontests.com and they worked great!! My friend used them as well and got preg the first month trying! So I think they're pretty reliable!

I JUST ordered some more the other day, however this time I ordered from amazon.
Mainly because I had so many swagbucks so I got them for free, so now I really won't feel like im wasting them if I POAS everyday!!!