Whose child is this?

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Whose child is this?

Finn has been making good strides in less fussiness. I feel like we have been trying so many different things that it is hard to tell if it is because of something we are doing or if it's just his 3 month old body/mind maturing. Sometimes when DH and I notice that he has been hanging out contently for half hour or so, we kind of give each other a puzzled look and say "Whose child is this? Did someone switch out our baby?" :confused: Of course then Finn has to remind us that he is still our baby by screaming an hour later but, man I am loving these intermittent happy baby moments. He actually let me put him in his swing for a little while these past two days and he babbled at the moving fish happily. And laughed today while I was undressing him for his bath. Again, "Is this my child?" Blum 3 Hopefully there will come a time when I ask this question less when he is happy and more when he is fussy.

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Yay! Let's hope the colic is on its way OUT!

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Good to hear that he's doing a little better... and that you're both getting a little peace!

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I do that with DD sometimes! Glad he is getting better. We still have good times and bad too but I've heard that sometimes the needy babies make for great toddlers so maybe we will both get lucky there. Smile