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am I having a secret touch of baby fever???? Seriously?? There are so many reasons why J should be my last baby! First, pregnancy is tough for me! Second, I have had two c-sections with really tough recoveries, I don't think I could do a third. Third, DH is getting his masters and I am the breadwinner and I cannot imagine working with two kids AND being preggo, finally, we would need to buy a bigger car/house and set aside more $$ for college. And I am 35!

So WHY would I be even thinking about this?

I told DH today that I want to adopt an little girl from Nigeria after seeing her sweet face on a charity we support's facebook page. I was serious!

anyone else, or am I the only crazy?

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I am having no thoughts of being pregnant again. Ever. LOL But I could totally be up for adoption maybe a few years down the road. There are so many kids that need loving families. We've had it so rough with Ryan that my husband would have me committed to a mental institution if I told him I wanted another baby.

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lol if I had had vaginal deliveries... I would be ready for a 4th right now. Honestly. Knowing it would be a 4th c-section is enough to keep it away a little.

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I know we are probably going to try to have one more, but I can't even think about it right now. I'm still trying to get things figured out with baby #1. I'm not sure what kind of crazy is going on with you. Wink

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Hmmm,.. not sure what is going through your head. Wink J/K I myself would be ready for another 1 or even 2 if we could just skip the whole pregnancy, delivery, and first year. Haha! No really, I do not enjoy the newborn stage that much...I feel much more comfortable once they reach the toddler/preschool years..not that I want to wish away the time with Allyson, she is precious and I love her to pieces of course, but I am looking forward to when she gets older.

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Don't do it! You realize you could end up with TWINS or even TRIPLETS, right??? Smile

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Haha. Sheila.

That's one reason for me too. My mom is a twin so I think that ups my chances a bit. Plus the ones I have now I can't imagine how much harder it would be with one more. I feel overwhelmed a lot of times plus I'm ready for the next phases of my kids life. I'm a little sad I didn't get a daughter but I've upped my chances of getting a granddaughter Biggrin

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Yeah you're crazy. Wink lol! Just kidding! Frankly at this point the only way I will think of another is if we adopt. Labour and delivery was too traumatic and I don't want to think about an elective c-section for next time. Though I do want to give Elaina a sibling very much, and I know I am just still too close to her birth to even think practically about doing it again. So we will see. If we have another we wouldn't even start trying until she is at least 2.

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Two of my friends just had baby GIRLS in the last week. I am so ready for number 3 lol! Maybe i will get a little pink surprise Smile

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ROFL Yep, you're crazy. Wink I LOVE the newborn phase, and could totally have another baby, but I'm enjoying feeling back to normal now!

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Kim I'm with you! If I could skip the pregnancy and NB phase I'd be happy Smile I feel badly wishing away Rory's baby-hood but I like kids who can talk to me and play by themselves. All that being said I don't think I'm cut out to adopt. Friends are heading to China in a week to adopt their little boy and when I talk with them I'm in awe of their strength. All they've done to get to this point and all they will do once they have him makes the healthy, cranky newborn thing seem pretty easy.

DH and I have always talked about 3 kids and in my mind I see 3 kids but I really struggle with the idea of another pregnancy and NB phase. I really don't think we'd go for 3 until Evan was closer to kindergarten so we have time to figure out if we're done with 2 or not.

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I know I've said this before, but if I could financially afford to be a SAHM I would totally want one or two more. DH would probably leave me if I let him in on that little piece of information lol, but I don't care. I wouldn't need to get a new car if I had another one, either, as my car seats seven, and we wouldn't need a new house, either (although we would be a little cramped lol) beceause if it were another boy he could share a room with Trystan and if it were a girl she could share a room with DD (but who are we kidding, it would probably we TWIN boys!!). This is definitely not happening... but a girl can dream!

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I know I have the fever, lol. It's SO weird, I was SO freakin miserable when I was pregnant that last month (there was a 10lb baby in there, after all!) and I cried almost every night about how I was "one and done" and I'd never do it again....but I totally MISS being pregnant now. About a week after I had Harper my husband walked into the living room where I was sitting there sobbing about how I missed being pregnant....he thought it was hysterical! LOL!

We will probably start TTC #2 at the end of this year, to try to have them about 2 years apart. The other thing I thought I'd never say is that I'm glad I had a c section and I have no desire to VBAC. I thought id be really upset about a c/s but to me it wasnt bad all that horrible. Yeah, I was really sore and the recovery was slower but the surgery itself was not bad at all. I'm happy that the next delivery will be a planned c/s.