Will/did you do the NT screen?

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Will/did you do the NT screen?

DH and I have to decide if we want to do the screening. Due to some bad stories of friends getting false positives and being beside themselves with worry the whole pregnancy (they didn't do an amnio) we have decided to decline. We wouldn't change anything anyhow. My friend is getting it and trying to convince me to do it as well. But seeing what my other friends went through, I just really don't want to. We would have to travel quite far to get the amnio and I am not sure we would anyways.

I realize knowing early will give time to prepare and get informed, which is the main benefit I see. Also, for some conditions, doctors can plan ahead surgeries etc I think (e.g., heart defects).

What is your plan?

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I just had it done today, and while it does worry me a bit, I am trying to put it out of my mind. I was just so happy to see the baby in the ultrasound. The results won't be back for a week, so I have to just wait. I have heard about false positives too and I have also heard "everything's fine" stories where the baby ended up having Down Syndrome anyway. So, I guess I am not really putting any eggs in this basket.

I am pretty laid-back, put things in God's hands kind of person, so I think it's best to be mentally prepared for anything, but not worry to the point of driving yourself crazy.

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I wouldn't do the amnio, but I did the U/S and bloodwork last Friday. I got a 1 in 10,000 chance of issues, so it put my mind at ease. I partly did it just to see the baby. I'm glad I did bc after that I felt like everything was full steam ahead, and I had a soft marker with my DS, so I was a little worried.

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I am doing the blood work, but not the u/s. My office didn't offer both actually.

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I personally wouldn't do it, just because there would be no point as I wouldn't terminate the pregnancy for any reason at all. Plus, they ALWAYS have false positives, so why worry when there's probably nothing to worry about? Not for me...

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I did the bloodwork today and then have the NT scan on the 16th. I want to know if something is wrong early so I can plan. Plus if I hear the magic numbers that this is low risk it helps put my mind at ease.

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I was only offered bloodwork, which I'll be doing.

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"Starryblue702" wrote:

I personally wouldn't do it, just because there would be no point as I wouldn't terminate the pregnancy for any reason at all. Plus, they ALWAYS have false positives, so why worry when there's probably nothing to worry about? Not for me...

I wouldn't terminate either, but the point my OB makes is that it helps them treat the patient accordingly if they know or think something is not 'normal'.

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this is my second baby... and i have no clue what a NT screen is!

i know its some sort of screening test, but i also would never terminate one of my babies. i don't need to know. whatever will be will be

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We declined it. I have a big background working with developmentally disabled children. So I feel prepared for whatever God gives us. I'm curious and want to know but I've decided to just wait.

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We declined. However, here in Canada we would have gotten two blood tests, at 12 weeks/21 weeks (or so, I forget exact dates), and if those two tests showed an increased risk, we would have gotten the NT ultrasound, followed by amnio if that screen also showed increased risk.

Because we wouldn't have gotten results till much later than 12 weeks like many of you are able to get (not that we would terminate either way anyway), the increased risk of miscarriage with an amnio (so would not have proceeded with that anyway) and the HUGE rate of false positives on the blood tests (out of 25 positives, 24 are false. And the one that isn't false, is simply increased risk - not a diagnosis), and finally the fact that I would stress myself like crazy over the wait and results...we decided just to avoid it all. I'm young and there is no family history of issues on either side, so we feel okay with it. We will take what we get! Smile

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My Dr. said it was only for people who would consider terminating the pregnancy. So we said no. I started the AFP blood work. (is that right? the one where you do the two tests)

This is the first time I have been offered it. And the Dr. told me "Sorry, I have to ask."

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I had one done last week. It was a given for me. I am over 35, my last baby had a fatal condition, and I needed to know. We would never terminate (obviously-- we didn't terminate our last baby even though we knew something was wrong early on), but I couldn't imagine going the whole pregnancy without knowing what is going on. Even though I was a nervous wreck beforehand, and I know it is not 100% accurate at this point, at least I can rest a little easier knowing everything looks healthy right now. It is certainly a personal decision, one only you and your DH can make for yourselves. Good luck!

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So far it hasn't even been offered to me. I am only 28 though so I seriously doubt they will. I don't think I would have it done. I am the type of person who worries myself sick about things. So for my sanity it would be better for me to not know. I can see the flip side about wanting to know so you can be prepared and for the doctors to know how they need to treat you/baby medically. It's a hard decision to make Smile

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I am having it done at maternal fetal on Tuesday. I had the quad screen done with Amaya and got a false positive result. I ended up getting an amnio (just to be prepared) and everything turned out fine. From what I understand the NT has less false positive results because they use the u/s and bloodwork and not just bloodwork. I did find out that my quad screen false positive was an indicator of preeclampsia so they kept a close eye on me and I did end up with pre-e so I guess something good did come out of it. I had the NT with Cash and had no issues.

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I had it done on wed. The results of the U/S were great, and bloodwork will be back in a week. We will not do further tesing if thenumbers come back well. (DH has a family member with CF, so we wanted the testing done)

There is a chance of false positives with anything. If you are the type will assume a 'positive' is 100% correct, then it is probably a good idea not to get it done. I had a friend whose baby's brain developed outside of her body. The baby would not have survived the birth. While I know it is rare, I wanted to be prepared for anything that may happen (I also have an extensive background wirking with disabled children). DH and I waited along time for this baby. We will do everything we can to ensure it gets the care and the right start that it needs.

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I had it done but I didn't realize that when you are over 35 it is less accurate. After I had it done I got a so called "screen negative" result, meaning low risk for problems, but the odds they gave me for having a baby with Down syndrome were exactly the same as the odds for anyone my age! In other words, the "low risk" results did not show that I had any lower risk than anyone else my age.

So basically I feel like it was kind of pointless to have it done at all. It was cool to get to see the baby though. Smile

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I appreciate all of your responses - this has raised several interesting points of view that I had not previously thought about. My doctor hasn't really given me that much info on the screening but she gave me a pamphlet. It is a very difficult decision (we haven't 100% made up our mind yet) and you ladies have given me lots to think about. Thanks for sharing your experiences!