Will you find out the sex??

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Will you find out the sex??

So I figured I would throw this question out into the world to see what everyone here in December is thinking about their new additions! Are you going to find out the sex of the baby? Why or why not? How many other babies do you have and are they boys or girls? I have two sons (8 and 6) and a 2 year old daughter, and I found out the sex of all of them... mostly because I wanted a girl every time lol! I really want another girl so that I'll have two of each and so that my daughter will have someone to play with, but part of me doesn't want to find out, I want to be surprised in the delivery room, just because this will be my last baby and I've always known the sex going in before. What about you?

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We will not be finding out the gender once we get pregnant. This will be our tie breaker! We have 3 girls and 3 boys in the house! It will only make delivery day that much better! But I always think if we had twins I would have to find out I would want to be prepared!

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That makes sense! If I were even I wouldn't even care either! I just hate that I'm torn because I want another girl so bad, but I equally want to be surprised! Hubby isn't making it any easier on me, as he told me yesterday that he wants to know, so I don't know how he's supposed to know the sex and keep it from me??!!

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That sounds like fun! I really don't know what to do, I've always thought how fun it would be to not know until they come... but how do you even plan without knowing? All of my baby boy stuff is gone via donations and giving to friends for their babies, and the same thing with my daughter's stuff! I'll have to start from scratch either way! I hate yellow and green lol!

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I think we will probably find out--I can see the reasoning behind wanting to not find out, but we really like to know! However, I am not planning on having any u/s's after the anatomy scan, so if we have a shy baby at that u/s (which has actually happened with both of my previous babies), we will let it be a surprise, which I think will not be too difficult for us since we already have clothes for both genders.

I read this blog post today that had some good links for people who are considering not finding out: Enjoy Birth Blog: Finding Out (the blogger is doing a challenge where she goes through the alpahbet and starts the post each day with a new letter, and today was F)

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I have to say leaving it a surprised just adds that much more to the already incredible experience of giving birth. I found out with my first son. but the other three were surprises!

This time i am toying with the idea of finding out early mostly to plan some since i figure I'll be pretty busy once baby is born. If its anothe boy i can go through all the baby stuff before he gets here and restock some things if needed. If its a girl, I would like to make a few things for her. I wont have time after shes here so I kinda want to know this time. But the half of me says we should keep her a surprise too(i keep thinking girly thoughts{{fingers crossed}})

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We plan on finding out. I just want to know and to plan what we buy a little better, if we are really sure haha

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Im really not sure if I want to if I am pregnant this time or not. I have both other times. I am pretty sure hubby will want to tho, since he has 3 girls and NO boys! He wants a little prince for sure!

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We haven't decided yet, but I may not find out. I have a boy and a girl already so it would be so fun to be surprised.

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we're finding out Smile like people above, IF we already had one of each I would be ready for surprise! but if this one is a girl, i want to be ready!