Winter baby tips? (XP)

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Winter baby tips? (XP)

I know it's early, but I had a summer baby last time so I have NO CLUE what will be different with this baby compared to the last.

Anyone with experience or thoughts, chime in, what are some good things about having a baby in the winter? What would you do different with a winter baby than a summer baby (like, would you not take them to the store early on because it is flu season?). Should you use a wipe warmer (I never did with Nick) because its so cold outside? What should baby wear the first few months? My friend told me they make flannel and fleece crib sheets..did you use them???

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i liked to layer a onesie under babys clothes. I put fleece sleepers on them(we keep it chilly at night in winter). Ialways carry an extra blanket in the car. We have one f those carseat cover blanket thingys and thats really nice so baby doesnt need a coat(plus a coat under the carseat straps the baby isnt secure enough if there was a crash). Baby hats/beanies. Socks.

I neverused a wipe warmer. I try to hold the wipe in my hand for alittle bit to take the chill off and baby didnt seem to mind. I didnt use flannel sheets but i did use fleece swaddle me blankets with flannel receiving when i swaddled eli. Then when swaddling was done with i switched to fleece sleepers(othewise just a onesie, hat, and swaddle was enough to keep him happy at night.

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Our son was a November baby, and we're in Minnesota, so...

I loved having a Winter baby! I loved sitting in the rocking chair nursing on a cold day. I feel like Winter is the perfect time to be inside bonding with a new baby. Does that sound dumb? Biggrin

I guess we didn't leave too often. It was nice because we saw family at Thanksgiving when Miles was just 2-3 weeks old, and then again a month later at Christmas. So that cut back on a million visitors since they'd see him then. I tried to do most of my Christmas shopping earlier in the year, or online. A carseat cover is a must. We had one by JJCole - BundleMe. Best purchase, ever. We also had snowsuits, but didn't use them much unless it was REALLY cold and we had to go somewhere.

Stock up on footed sleepers. We kept a hat on Miles a lot of the time. We never used the flannel or fleece crib sheets.

We also used a wipe warmer. You can find them for a couple bucks at a garage sale or Once Upon a Child. I think it's worth it just for those middle of the night changes.

Another thing to keep in mind, birth announcements! With Miles I sent out our Christmas card right away after Thanksgiving and his birth announcement doubled as our Christmas card. Not only did it save on the cost of cards, but stamps, and the time I spent addressing all the envelopes.

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Another Nov baby here. My son was always hot so I dressed him in light sleepers and he was usually sweating through them.

I took him out all the time and never had any issues with him getting sick. We went to the mall a lot to just get out of the house and to get me to walking again after my csection.

As for warmth when leaving the house, I would put a receiving blanket on him and tuck it all around and under him in the carseat and then put a heavier blanket on top of it when we would go outside.

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My son was born in July and I used a wipe warmer for a good year! haha. I would think this would just require more clothing, as my son was able to sit around in a diaper most of the time. And in the winter, I would put my son in a onsie under one of those sleep blankets, so I am guessing the same thing. I probably won't worry much about fleece sheets, although I do have a couple.

Maybe this baby will like swaddling since it will be cold. My son hated it!

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"sugspop" wrote:

Maybe this baby will like swaddling since it will be cold. My son hated it!

We only swaddled for the first few days so I am thinking maybe this babe will want to be swaddled more too.

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My last baby was a December baby as well, but I wouldn't say there's any special requirements. I think the wipe warmer is just a waste of money... it's not like you're changing them outside in the snow... you're changing them inside your nice, warm home! Just (of course) make sure they're nice and bundled up! I certainly didn't just sit at home forever because it was cold outside, I took her everywhere I went, as early as five days. It's really fun and beautiful having a December baby!

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My daughter is a December baby. As a personal choice we didn't take her out to public places. Honestly, even in the middle of summer I don't think I would take my newborn out. We did go and visit family and such. I also made sure she had a tight fitting onesie under her outfits which were usually fleece or other thick materials. We also had the car seat cover thing. That's a life saver especially when the wind is blowing and snow is falling! My daughter didn't like to be swaddled so we just put regular receiving blankets over her. I keep my house fairly warm in the winter as well as I am very cold natured and will freeze my butt off!

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CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!! Thank you so much for mentioning that! I need to get that done early this year. I will try to do it this summer! And great Christmas card thought, too!

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"_Jessicah_" wrote:

As a personal choice we didn't take her out to public places. Honestly, even in the middle of summer I don't think I would take my newborn out. We did go and visit family and such.

I was like that too and I had my DS in April! haha I was so anal about going out anywhere or people coming to the house alot. I really held him all to us for a week and a half or so. Not only did we need the bonding time, but it's not worth bringing them out. When I finally did I felt like I was commiting a crime or something. it was strange haha.
As for Winter tips, just hats, hats, hats. That's all I remember really. and the basics, layers and warm blankets...

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Thanks for the advice! I took Nicholas out A LOT when he was a little babe. He went to his daddy's softball game when he was only 4 days old LOL. I feel like getting out helped me go back to "normal" from my baby blues but then again, he had to go to the hospital when he was 3 weeks old (UTI) and he was in there for 8 days that spiraled me into post partum depression. I need to check out those nifty car seat cover things!!!

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I am going to miss sitting out in the waarm sun with the baby. I used to BF DD outside in the yard on warm days (she was an April baby).. Ahhh... maybe in front of the fire place?

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Just a quick word of caution re: the car seat covers. Car seat technicians will tell you that they absolutely do not consider the JJ Cole Bundle Me - type of covers to be safe. Anything that goes between the child and the car seat, or touches the straps, that was not manufactured by the car seat maker, is not safe to use, regardless of what the product's company says.

What they do recommend is the shower-cap style cover like this. This style covers only the top of the seat, and has no parts that touch the child or the harness straps, so it's very safe to use and works perfectly to keep baby warm.