The witch is back

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The witch is back

Ahh I wondered why my milk supply has been slowly drying up. I spoke with all the doctors that see Isabella and they kept saying once I was bonding with her at home my supply would increase. I kept worrying because I was an infertility patient who needed help even getting pregnant that that could have been the reason why I haven't made really good levels of breast milk. Welp, sure enough, the post baby apt last week doctor hit the nail on the head. He said my milk supply could be drying because I'm 9 weeks out from having the baby so my hormones are leaving my body as well. I already take fenugreek 3 times a day the max dose. I guess I will just be giving her formula soon. Anybody else have this problem?

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Not yet, but I'm sure AF will be finding me soon. I already had it back by this point with our son so I'm just waiting for her. My Ped told me awhile back to pump to build up a stash for around the 3-4 month mark.

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AF showed up for me at 11 weeks PP. i noticed my supply dip a little for the first couple days, at least I think it did. She wanted to nurse more and I never felt engorged (or even full). But by day 3 of AF it was back to normal.

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I "think" I had my first postpartum period back in Feb and noticed a slight dip in my milk supply around that time. Even now I don't seem nearly as engorged during the day as I used to but Finn likes to snack throughout the day so I don't really get a chance to become full. When he goes longer stretches at night, my breasts are fuller. I've been pumping more this month to try and get my supply back up.

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Do you guys have domperidone down there? Here in Canada it is often given to up milk supply even though Health Canada just released a warning saying it might cause heart troubles. I have been on it for a while - Ryan likes to snack which is not good at all for my milk supply. But when I go off the domperidone and the flow slows down, he gets really angry at the breast and doesn't want to nurse anymore, making the problem even worse because then I have to pump all the time. I am trying to wean off of it and just pump a lot. I noticed if I pump a lot (especially at night when I least feel like it), it really helps to boost my supply. I do not yet have PP AF back.

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I got AF back yesterday, UUGGHH. No dip in supply though, I pumped 9oz yesterday in addition to what Rory ate. I didn't get AF back for 6 months with Evan so I'm bummed to have her back already with Rory! I'm guessing working has something to do with it for me

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I had a period back in January, but I think that was from starting the mini pill, as I haven't had one since then (and no I'm not pregnant!). Don't give up on your BF. I've been having some issues lately as well with my LO going on strike, so it affected my supply. I upped my fenugreek dosage to 9 pills a day (it's OK to take that many, you want to make sure you smell like maple syrup apparently lol), baked some lactation cookies (just google it, there's a number of different recipes!), and am also going to drink some mother's milk tea. Don't throw in the towel before you try everything... if you can... good luck!

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I have had a couple of low supply days. I think the first was due to my pump because the connectors weren't tight enough. The second must have been because I didn't eat my usual disgusting amount of food the day before.

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Hi ladies... I was a lurker during my first pregnancy and then again during my second one. I gave birth to a baby boy on December 7th. I'm mostly pumping but nursing once or twice a day. My son has reflux so cereal is a must from the Dr. I noticed a dip in supply during my first visit from AF last month and again this month. It was very reassuring to see that I was not the only one experiencing this!!!! I love this message board!!!