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Hi there,

I'm going to be 5 weeks, this is a first for me, and it was a complete and total shock, so I have no idea what I'm doing (save not playing in cat poop and tossing the brie). I see from the signatures that many of you out there are much more experienced than I, so I hope you can share your insights...

I'm not prepared to share this information with the world yet because of some doubts in my head since I'm just a few months out of spinal surgery, so I'll be seeking professional opinions in the coming weeks. What that means is that I don't want to tell anyone at work just yet. I've done the near-puke on the freeway on the way to work the past two mornings and have general queasiness all the time, but I haven't hit morning sickness yet. (I take it it's a "yet" thing since my sisters both puked their guts out and wondered how the human population has continued despite the fact that pregnancy sucks so bad!) What do you do about morning sickness at work? How do you hide it? And, more specifically, how does a teacher hide it while teaching?!

There's no pukey smiley to sign off? Smile

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When I was pregnant with Nicholas I used to throw up every day for 3 month straight. Yes I know that sounds bad but really, it is ALL worth it and you forget pretty quickly how horrible it is.

Anyways, I work full time and was queasy at work. The best thing you can do is to get some medicine from your OB. Just let them know you are throwing up and not comfortable. Both phenergan and zofran are safe to take while pregnant and really make a difference. I didn't get any until I was 14 weeks along but I wish I would have sooner.

Another tip is go ahead and throw up before you leave for work. After I threw up I felt better and the queasiness subsided until later that night/next morning.

There are natural ways of trying to reduce morning sickness such as sea bands, ginger (not fake ginger, the real stuff!), vitamin B6, 1/2 a unisom tablet, and maybe even more. You can try these before you take medicine if that makes you feel more comfortable. For me, they didn't really work but I have heard they work for tons of people.

And lastly, CONGRATULATIONS! Morning sickness is a great sign that the pregnancy is progressing the way it should. I used to puke my guts out, cry to my DH and say "at least I know the baby is healthy". Good luck and believe me, it is ALL WORTH IT in the end!!!!

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Thankfully I don't have to be to work since I'm a SAHM. I've always wondered how people manage to make it to work everyday when they're pregnant and dealing with morning sickness. I don't think I could do it.

Angela gave a ton of great advice. I've taken Zofran lots in the past, and it's a lifesaver. Chewing on minty gum or sucking on suckers also seems to help for me.

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you should ask your doc/midwife about zofran. its an antinausea drug that can be used in pregnancy. i work in surgery and was passing out ALL THE TIME in the OR and getting sick with my first pregnancy. i took a zofran almost everyday from 10 to 20 weeks. if you end up getting pretty sick, its a great option! i was a normal person on it.

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When I was preggers with my twins I was a barfing machine, and I DID throw up at work!

Something I learned was that, if you are pretty sure it's going to happen, try to get out of the office and just get it over with. It's better than sitting at your desk for hours turning green.

Bring a toothbrush.

Things that worked for me... crackers, and pregnancy ginger lolipops that I bought at a maternity store. GOOD LUCK!

I haven't told anyone at work yet either.

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First off, welcome to December and soon-to-be motherhood! This is a very exciting time, even if you weren't expecting it (like me lol, I'm prego with my 4th, and it was definitely unexpected!!). The good news is there are a few of us out there (knock on wood) that never experience morning sickness. I'll feel nausious for a few minutes here and there, but I never throw up. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, but if it does hit you (which it could, especially around 8 weeks) the other ladies here have given some great advice!

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For me, fending off m/s which brought on the sick, I need to eat about every 2 hrs. I was told to eat a protein with something sort of sweet (like PB and apple slices) It stays in your stomach longer so you dont get that sick feeling. I find just about anything works for me. If it sounds good, I'll eat it. Just dont lwt your stomach get empty.

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I put ginger ale in my travel coffee mug. Everyone thinks it's my usual morning Starbucks! Instead it keeps me from the usual dry heaves!

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Haha! I love the ginger ale in the mug! Smile

Thanks for the tips, ladies. I switched the prenatal pills to just before bed and now I'm having no nausea whatsoever, so I'm back to pretending like I'm not pregnant and not worrying about things like future morning sickness!!

Oh there IS a barfy smiley! :puke2:

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Yay hopefully you can keep pregnancy under wraps until your ready to reveal.

Glad the vitamins at night worked for you. It helps me too.

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With my first I rarely felt sick and never threw up; however this one is a different story. It is hard to go to work and feel like you could lose it any minute. I chew minty gum and the others are right if you feel the need to throw up just get it over with and you will feel much better.

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Awesome. I'll hope for the infrequent barfs! I hurled yesterday before work but it wasn't that bad -- got up puked, brushed teeth, went to work feeling dandy. It was my first pregnancy puke so I texted my boyfriend with the news. haha!

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I was a puking machine as well! The first 18 weeks with my daughter I puked morning, noon, and night. I referred to it as "all day sickness" instead of morning sickness. It is hard to hide. I worked at a store when I was pregnant with her so I had to tell my employers early on because I didn't want to be lifting heavy boxes and such. I am a nurse now so after my first appointment I will also have to tell my employers about the pregnancy.

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I've already gotten a prescription for Zofran and I intend to use it if needed. I also need to tell my work soon...I am waiting for a repeat beta so I can tell with a little more confidence.