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Ok, I just have to tell you gals cuz I'm excited! Wink I DEFINITLY O'd this month!! I went in for a progesterone check on Monday since this is my first time on clomid. The nurse called me today to tell me that my progesterone was at 19.5!!!! She said that is awesome, and that they hope for 10 which means you O'd, but I was at 19!!! So she said she hopes that I'm calling her back soon to tell her I'm pregnant. Oh I HOPE SO!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but as you can tell...I already do! This is definitly GREAT news for me to hear today! If anything, at least I know I O'd and the clomid worked. She said if for whatever reason I'm not pregnant that they will give me clomid again next month since it worked, but she really thinks I'll be pregnant! eeek! She said to wait till day 28 to test, but you know I won't be able to hold out that long! I'm thinking of taking a test on Sunday at 12dpo. Wink

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Great news!!! I really hope this is it for you! Smile

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Yahoo Oh that has got to be super exciting! Yay for good news! I am one day behind you but will probably test on Sunday as well. Can't wait to see your announcement Wink

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That is super great news!!!!! I can't to see your test in a few days.

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That's wonderful news! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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That is wonderful news!!!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin

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OOh that's really good. I am hoping that you are pregnant too! Those numbers gotta be high for a reason! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!:yahoo:

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That's awesome! I'm going to go ahead and call your BFP right now for you! Seriously, your chart looks amazing. I got my BFP at 9DPO...why wait until day 28?! LOL Sorry, I'm a POAS-aholic!!

I'm so glad the Clomid worked for you!

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Awesome news!!

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Hooray!! That is fantastic news!! I hope that there will be more good news before too long. Wink

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Thats awesome!!!! Hope that bfp is this month!

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That is awesome news!!! I hope you get a BFP!

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Woohoo, that is exciting. I couldn't wait to test either. I started testing at like 8 DPO. lol.

Good luck!

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Wonderful! Good luck with the test. I hope its good news for you.

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